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abhijeet borade

Non-Linear Solver ( Implicit/Explicit)


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incompatible kinematic conditions (IKC) are an undesired warning in a model and need to find out where the nodes are over constrained or where the constraints are violating the loads applied. As nodal constraints are based on kinematic conditions applied on nodal DOF, therefore it is not allowed to apply two nodal constraints to the same set of nodes. True incompatible kinematic conditions  can generate local instability. You can check the model for any true  incompatible kinematic conditions.

If you don't find any true IKC you can ignore this warning.

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I'm trying to perform an Analysis with many contacts. So, I would to know how the Non-Linear Subcase works. My model is not time-depedent, and not rise the limit of the Linear mateiral, but it have many contacts. Could you recomend me any material to i study?


Thaks a lot!

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