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Why is Contact energy very high in Radioss drop test?

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I am run very simple FE model (2 solid parts contact) drop test.

I used contact type 7 for contact b/w 2 models and self-contact  (type 7):

- I(stiffness) = 4

- Fric = 0.2

- Gap min = 0.5 >> I am not really clear about the meaning of gap min.

- I frm =2

- Inacti = 5


However, the result shows contact energy very high?

Could you share the reason of high contact energy?

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Please use these parameters:






Fric = 0.1



Gapmin is the minimum gap value at which the interface will be activated.


After these parameters are set check the interface for any penetrations and clear if any are present.

Refer the below post which shows the same:



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