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Radios Incremental Drawing simulation

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Hello Everyone,

] was trying to perform a drawing simulation on a simple part. I used radioss incremental auto process. I chose to setup a tool with the die surface but it gives me errors with few of the parts that I tried.

What things should be considered while setting up a tool from the die surface, currently I just select the outer surfaces which act as die holder?

Can anyone please shed some light on this topic?  

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to start with, mesh the die geometry. you can choose from the tool bar Mesh > Rmesh option. To build the Tools from die surface, goto toolbar setup>tool setup and choose the  option 'build and steup the tool from DIE surface. select the blank component for the 'blank' option and input the thickness value. for binder source select the elements of the die which corresponds to the binder region ( most likely the flanged portion) . click build.  based on the thickness of the blank and the clearance ( clearance is necessary for the blank to flow into the cavity between the tools. the default is 20% which you can reduce. ), binder and punch will be created.  Hope this helps


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