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Basheer Ahmed M

Segmentation Error in Hypermesh 17.0

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Hi Team,


We are facing segmentation Error while meshing the part in Hypermesh 17.0. 


And we tried the following steps to eliminate the error : 

1. Temp files are cleared 

2. %USERPROFILE%\Documents >> (hmmenu.set , hmsettings.tcl , hwsettings.xml Files are cleared ) 

3. Tried with different user logins 


Still we couldn't able to avoid the Error. 


Can someone help on this topic ?? 


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It is possible to apply multiple reponse for one loadstep?
1) loadstep : ->torsional calculation
                      -> bending Z calculation
                      --> bending Y calculation
Same subcase for all acalculation


2) responses : static displacement
It's pssible to create a response for each calculation? and I will use same  loadstep in dconstraint option


objective minimise Mass

constraint : displacement value


Thankyou advance

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