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Cant Find Hyperworks V14.0



I have got hyperworks V14 full version for SAE SUPRA COMPETITION.

I couldn't find hyperworks  v14.0 app in my installed hyperworks full version.

Even I have all the other solvers acu solve, Optistruct, Motion Solve, Radioss, etc.

But I couldn't find neither pre processors like motion view , hypermesh, etc.., nor I cant open the solvers, while its asking for Hyperworks Solver run Manger as I am new I Couldn't understand.

I have attached the screenshots where I am facing problem and list of softwares which I get after installation.

Hoping for the earliest reply with best solution

Thank you


Screenshot (178).png

Screenshot (193).png

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These are the packages which i got and i have installed all the packages using hyperworks master installer5a6c9efa32d9f_Screenshot(195).thumb.png.2ee7ee1c318a6d82dafb3f606641fea8.png

I if theres a way to install hyperworks desktop package other than the hyperworks master installer, i like follow it....

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26 minutes ago, Q.Nguyen-Dai said:


  • Create a new temporary folder and copy all "hw*.exe" (no _hotfix_ files, only 5 files) within this folder.
  • Run hw14.0.1_win64.exe

no use, its same as the previous.

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