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expression builder doesn't open

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Hi all,


I am following the hyperstudy e-book, beam.fem example (Hyperstudy 13.0) but I can't access the expression builder (see attached picture).


The nominal run has been written, executed and extracted correctly. What can I do to input the responses I want to investigate?


I can't even use the file assistant (probably introduced in the version 14.0?)

expression builder.JPG

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Hi Rahul, 


Thank you for the video, i was able to create the DVs but I am still stuck on the same tutorial. I created the responses but I can't select all the nodes for the max_displacement response. It seems easy usiing the file assistant but I am on hyperstudy13.0 and I have to go through the expression builder. 


Maybe there is a sintax to use in the filter on the side of the request? (see picture attached) Something like N1000--N2000?


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On 15/1/2018 at 3:15 PM, Rahul R said:

Use Resvec from functions.Please see small video for the steps to follow in version 13.0

Let us know if it helps.


Hi Rahul, thanks for the video. 


I am using the same resvec function to extract the max stress value but there is a significant discrepancy with the value read in the .h3d file from hyperview (see picture attached). I also tried to compare the value using all the averaging methods but none of them match with the stress extracted. max_resvec_stress.thumb.JPG.c32cf531c8016704f09d2b28b4cc3405.JPG 

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Hi Rahul, thank you for the prompt response.


The problem is that 6.051e8 is greater than 4.55e8 and I need  to extract the maximum stress.


I understand that with 2D elements we have to check the stress at the top and bottom face.

Why Hyperview, when plotting the VonMises, decides to pick the z2 one? I am tempted to say because it is the highest between the ones computed in z1, z2 and mid.


But if in Hyperstudy I need the maximum VonMises stress, I need to input not one but 3 responses: 


1) Resvect for vonmises Z1

2) Resvect for vonmises Z2

3) Resvect for vonmises mid


because I can't know from start, during the design exploration, which one of the 3 will be the highest. Can you clarify that for me?


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In HyperView MAX  (displays the maximum value among the layers for each entity)

HV provides different layer option for shell element. In this exercise of beam,maximum stress was found on z2 layer.Hence we are evaluating same in HyperStudy.

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I was just wondering if, like hyperview does, there is a function in the expression builder that I can use to extract the maximum VM stress between the 2 layers. 
Writing 2 distinct responses (for z1 and z2) would increase the computation time. 

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