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Ruchik Tank

Continue one loadcase in another file to save time

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I have a query regarding multiple runs with 2 subcase (optistruct: LGDSP=1).

For Example:


I have around 10 different Loading conditions all in different files, say...

File1.fem - Lc1 and Lc2,

File2.fem - Lc1 and Lc3,

File3.fem - Lc1 and Lc4,


File10.fem - Lc1 and Lc10.


Here each file has same mesh, same numbering of nodes, etc. Each file has Lc1 as a common boundary condition.

The difference between each file is the second loadcase (different boundary condition). Second loadcase has CNTNLSUB = YES


Hence, currently I have to give all 10 runs with all loadcase. The tragedy is that the 1st loadcase is same for all, however It will calculate the stiffness matrix for each and every run (a waste of time).


Is there a way where I can create a separate (master) file for LC1 and run it only once.

Then use (continue) those results in separate files (i.e. with 10 different loadcases).


This will reduce the run time a lot.


Kindly help.


Thanks & Regards,

Ruchik Tank

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@Ruchik Tank 


Do you solved this problem?


If you solved, I want to ask you what is your setting.


Because I have the same problems too.


Really thanks.

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