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Joao rocha

licencse error 6

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installed and downloaded the license in the attached email. got this error when i tried to run the program. i also attached a screenshot of the environment variables. this is for the 2017 student edition



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On 11/29/2017 at 2:48 PM, Q.Nguyen-Dai said:

Try full path of altair_lic.dat to define ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH.


im sorry , not to sure what this means.

thanks for the suggestion though. could you go into more detail please?

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As long as the file is named correctly and placed in the security folder it should work correctly, you do not need the environment variable, however if you are going to use the variable the value of the variable should be the entire path of the fil not just altair_lic.dat as it is here



also this must be a system variable

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I've the same problem and I've done all the step that HW student edition need. Is the Ethernet ID right? If no, which one should I use?


Thank you,


Best regards.


Mario Meduri


error 6.JPG




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Please send us the entire output of ipconfig/all after you switch on wifi also, make sure all the cards are turned on in the device manager.


Use windows folder options > unhide known extensions, to make sure the file is named altair_lic.dat and not altair_lic.dat.dat,


You need to confirm if the Ethernet address in the license file is the correct one and matches the one in your machine.


When you open the license file in a text editor you will see an Ethernet address there in a line that says "ETHERNET =


The Ethernet ID is the ID of your machine which is exactly 12 hexadecimal numbers. For example D4WRF478F398


Run ipconfig/all in command window and check for physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection:




The listed physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection should be used to generate the license file, if there is no listing of Ethernet adapter local area connection, the address under Wireless Adapter LAN Wifi must be used.


That means if the address provided as above does not match the one in the license file, please request for the license file again with the correct Ethernet ID.


You can check your computer’s Ethernet address, by using the almutil -hostid application from the Start > Altair > Tools > Admin tools Menu and compare it with the result in the command window,

Alternatively run getmac in command window to find out available Ethernet addresses to cross check as well,

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