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SPH formulation - box deformation

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Hello Everybody,

I'm trying  to use SPH Method with Radioss. 

I would like to determinate the deformation of a box full of water. I've modeled  SPH Particles of water as simple cubic and I've used interface type 7 between water and box. Loads: lock of the base of box and gravity load to water particles. The simulation run without error but results are different than expected: pressure is not uniformly distributed becuase particles don't mantain the initial pitch.

What is the error?

In attach the .hm file.


Could someone help me, please?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Marta,

I ran your model. This is the expected behavior of the model for this loading condition. Since you are loading the created SPH particles, it will fall down to the bottom of the box and the pitch will not be maintained. I have attached the h3d file of the run.

Are you looking for a continuous flow of SPH particles?. Please see the attached gif file showing the continuous flow of SPH particles, where the pitch of particles in maintained.





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Hi George, 

I'm very thankful for your replay!

No, I'm actually not looking for a continuos flow; I used the SPH method for meshing water, because I want to see the deformation of a box full of liquid.

I think an alternative solution could be to apply a variable pressure inside the box, increasing with depth and applied to different contact surface (see the fig. attach), but I'd like to try the SPC method, if it is possible.

So I need that the particles mantain their pitch and employ pressure on box's wall.

Any suggestion?


Thanks a lot


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Hi George, 

thank you very much for your suggestion.

A last question: how can I see the particles  not like point but big, like in your gif?



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