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Pressure Analysis of a deformed gasket

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I'm trying to do a pressure analysis in a compressed gasket. I did a compression analysis of a gasket to generate a deformed gasket body using RADIOSS. Now, I need to add pressure on the selected areas of gasket in OptiStruc. I used MAT 1 with MATX 42 card for my material to run an nonlinear explicit  dynamic analysis. But, I'm encountering this error message:


*** ERROR # 4028 ***
  No load is defined in EXPDYN subcase 1.

Looks like I'm not defining the load collector properly. Can anyone suggest me to resolve this error please? I'm attaching the model file to check.







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Hi @Prakash,


I tried applying load through NLOAD before as you suggested; it didn't work. It came up with a different error:


*** ERROR # 1358 ***
 Referenced ID 1 in NLOAD, but missing in BULK DATA.


Do you think I need  to create a separate NLOAD card in this case? Thanks in advance.



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