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Problem with HyperMesh in student edition

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Hi All,


I've got a problem with HyperWorks student edition.
While I try to open HyperWorks desktop it open HyperView as default. While I try to switch into HyperMesh I can see only error shown below.
If I remove mentioned localization - while I changing from HyperView into Hypermesh it just switch off whole application. Next try: the same statement as shown below.
Is anybody who can help me


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Delete the above files and uninstall the application,

It is important to first try deleting the downloaded executable file and downloading it again from the site. To make sure the file is not damaged on download, run an md5 checksum on the downloaded file (just google md5 checksum) and make sure the checksum result matches the one given in the site where the files are downloaded from,




  1. Double click / run the Winmd5 checksum executable (download win md5 a freeware from the internet, please note we cannot be responsible for external content and info)



  1. Select the executable by clicking on the browse button or drag and drop the file into the window




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Please confirm the student edition is being run with a valid student edition license (using full version license with the student edition can cause these errors) 

make sure the 2017 license is used with the 2017 version. 

please provide system information, operating system, graphics card and driver etc. 

On 5/22/2017 at 2:30 PM, lukasz said:

There is solution of this problem:
Right click on HyperWorks shortcut and select "Properties". Next remove "/clientconfig hwfepre.dat" in Target line.




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it look like problem with library or config. Each component of HyperWorks are working except of hypermesh. Any kind of licence problem should influed for whole package, not only for just one component.
So all in all: the problem is in software (lack of library) or it is some kind of hardware conflict.

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Windows 10 pro 

Intel core i5-4200u  CPU @1.6GHz  - 2.3GHz


OS 64 bits

Driver Intel HD graphics Family version

Intel HD Graphics 4400





Is that enough? 

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