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santosh maharana

AOC 2017 brake pedal


1)how can i apply force on surface as per information given brake pedal pdf ? software ask about nodes !! surface options in not available !


2)how to know the dimensions of upper bound stress whether we put 200 mega pa or 2+e8 ?


3)how much iteration to analysis? because it take enough time ?


4)i want to show u my work so that i able to know whether i m on right path ? how can i share ?

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Few points which may help you -


1. In this model Force application, you can use UDL approach for load application by diving the magnitude of load by number of nodes on surface. By using the same value for force application per node. ( General process in HM to apply UDL whenever required )


2. HM is independent of unit systems. You need to follow Consistency of Unit system. Check the Units used for materials, geometry, loads & decide over the same.


3. Sometimes Optimization process takes more time & iteration to converge the given constraints & objective - 

You can control the iterations of the same with below provided settings -

Analysis > Optimization > Opti Control > DESMAX = 150


4. Kindly do not share your model file over forum , since it is  open anyone can access your model file. As my colleague have mentioned above the process to share the model file to edu-support@india.altair.com  or you can drop your model file to our drop-box link provided below in the signature.




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Hello Santosh


1) You can apply force on brake pedal surface by selecting nodes on surface (Total nodes divided by number of nodes)


2) Upper bound of stress is 200Mpa but in HyperMesh consider units as N, mm, s, Ton (so convert it**)


3) Keep it as it is Default


4) Make your file as .ZIP file (not .RAR) and share it in edu-support@india.altair.com


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