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Symmetric function

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Hi Support team,


I have one doubt about symmetric function. 
I have a 90 deg sector of a geometry and use the "Symmetry" option in AFDEX by defining the planes of symmetry.

Now in the post-processing, will AFDEX calculate the results for the whole model or only for this sector?


Thanks in advance.


Vivi :)

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Hello Vivi,


Thanks for your question.

If you have used the "Symmetry" option, don't worry. AFDEX will automatically calculate the results for the whole model.

Just make sure that you define the planes of symmetry correctly. ;)


So let's say you have a model like this below.



You will be tempted to utilize the rotational symmetry right? Why not? Define the planes of symmetry by double clicking "Symm_Plane(0)" command in the project window and select the respective planes. The number in the brackets represent the number of defined symmetry planes.


And when you have completed the simulation, you can visualize the whole model using the "Mirror" command. The picture given below would give you more clarity. The region "Analyzed" represents the 22.5 degree sector of the whole model used for simulation.




Hope you got the point.


A quick one-picture tutorial for using the "Symmetry" command in AFDEX. :)




Cheers from AFDEX Support Team!


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Hi,I just started to use this software for my final year project. So, Im still learning to use Afdex. Im still dont know the function of symmetry planes.What should I choose for planes for my rotary forging simulation.Below is what my project look like.Thank you.


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I assume the cylinder in rose color denotes your work piece. Then you should model only a sector of the work piece and dies (for example 30, 45 or 60 deg) and then select the planes of symmetry like shown in the below picture.






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This is my project ISO view.The cone which is the upper die  suppose to move downward and rotate on the same time until it touch the workpiece (pink).Only upper die should move while the workpiece and lower die are in static position. So which plane should I choose?Thank you for helping.

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If you want to use symmetry,  you don't have to model the full geometry as you have done.


As I have indicated in my picture, please model only a sector of the cylinders (Lower die, work piece) and cone (upper die). Then you have to select the 2 planes which go along the height dimension of the work piece. The planes that you should chose on the work piece are numbered as 1 and 2 in the below picture.

(Only work piece and lower die shown in this picture)


Refer to AFDEX Manual in the installation folder for more details.



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