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Hello Everyone,


We saw different file types and their meaning in previous posts and the usage of the batch file to execute a simulation. As promised earlier, here is a post that demonstrates how to execute multiple simulations simultaneously.


Step 1: Save the simulation files in the same folder. Do not run them





Step 2: "Edit" all the ".bat" files as shown in the figure.




Step 3: The highlighted first line in every batch file is very important. These lines need to be pasted on a new batch file for simultaneous execution.




Step 4: Make a copy of one of the existing ".bat" files like shown in the figure.





Step 5: Enter the lines from batch files into the new notepad as shown in the picture.




Step 6: Double Click the new batch file to execute the simulations.




Let us know what you think and feel free to ask questions if you have any.


Cheers from AFDEX Support Team!





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Yes of course, you can manually edit the input files (scf and sif) and control the simulation. But this would be rarely needed as the GUI has been designed in such a way that almost all processes could be defined there itself. There is a special program called AFDEX Input Converter (AFDIC) which helps you edit the SCF and SIF files in case of advance forging processes like ring rolling, radial forging etc.
But as I mentioned before, you would rarely have to manually edit these files as you can do everything you want either using the GUI or the AFDEX Input converter in case of advanced processes.




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