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Optimise ply orientation for minimum deflection

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I have the geometry underneath consisiting out of a lot of surfaces.



What is the best way to optimise for optimal fibre direction and laminate thickness, so that each surface reveals it's own fibre orientation.


In my previous model I tried assigning all surfaces into a single set:



But after otimization, it seems all the fibre's are directed into the same orientation.


-I need a different orientation and thickness for each surface



Can you help me with this?


Best regards,




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I do have this problem now:


After optimization almost every ply has a very small angle of orientation. 

Any idea why this is the case?





In the design variables I have assigned a minimum of -180 degrees and maximum of 180 degrees


Could it have something to do with radians? since in other test optimizations it worked with these settings.





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As suggested, it is always better to start with thickness optimization with a varied orientation. Please see the image for more information.


The predicted orientations may not be practical and any degree in the angle may lead to failure. 


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