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Sandwich Analysis

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Hi There , 

I'm engaged in the project of chassis design for a vehicle for the FSAE competition and i have to make the chassis with a sandwich (CFRP - Foam) material , since hyperworks (OPTISTRUCT) will  help doing the analysis , i started making a plate and making plies with CFRP (MAT8) and PCOMPP card image then a Core(MAT1)  with PSOLID property , also i make laminate with the plies . i applied the load with constrains then loadstep with both and i check CSTRAIN and CSTRESS Properties for the analysis but since i start the analysis there is no iterations made and only the one displacement result appear , i tried alot to change in the structure but still no iterations , 

Here is what i have and there is a copy of the hm file attached 


The Results 


Iteration Subcase     Variable  Grid/Elem ID   Value
   0    1 MaxDisp                    12205  -0.285887E-02
   0    1 MaxStress                   5725   -15.0120    


The amount of memory allocated for the run is 331 MB.
 This run will use in-core processing in the solver.


 ==== End of solver screen output ==== 

 ==== Job completed ==== 

Sandwich Foam.hm

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I've changed only the magnitudes of the loads and then when i run the optimization analysis i got the same thing again , i attached an image of the results also


Iteration Subcase     Variable  Grid/Elem ID   Value
   0    1 MaxDisp                    10854   0.185177    
   0    1 MaxStress                  13171  -0.115659E+07



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Did you define any Design variable , design Response , design constraint or Design Objective?

If not please refer Optistruct optimization tutorials.



Rahul R

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Hi mmramadan

i am designing a chassis for FSAE competition in China.

i think i am facing the same problem with yours and i do not know how to solve this.

could you please tell me how did you solve your problems 

thanks for the help:)

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