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simulation does not start - error output file

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Hi everybody,

today I ran a static analysis with optistruct (on my pc, I own a stand alone licence) the solver view page opened but nothing happened,

then I noticed the solver gave me an output void file named: modelname.err_2564, I looked for that error on the internet but didn't find anything;

after that I ran again the simulation and I got another error file named in a different way,


what I did then was:

1- exported the solver deck and ran it directly from optistruct, instead of running it from hypermesh (nothing happened)

2- shut down all activities in the task manager and run again the simulation (nothing happened) 

3- I finally re-installed the solvers but nothing different


Is there anybody who already faced this problem?

thanks for your replies

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Federico, did you find a solution for your problem? Seems like I have a similar issue with my optimization. In my case HyperMesh was not able to open any model anymore. Just after deleting setting files and temp files in my user folder HyperMesh started to work again. But as soon as I want to run a model in "out of core" mode, HyperMesh showes the same symptomes again.

Pls tell me if there is a solution for this problem or if you need any further information.


Thanks in advance!

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