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how to extract time step and corresponding contour value by using TCL/tk

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1.) I want to extract data for only specific set of elements but  I am getting contour value all element. I don't know what is mistake


proc QueryAndExportELEM {FileName} {

    mh GetSelectionSetHandle ssh [mh AddSelectionSet element]
    ssh Clear
    ssh Add "dimension 2"
    ssh Add "dimension 3"
 foreach elem {11 22} {
     ssh Add "id $elem"
     mh GetQueryCtrlHandle qc
    qc SetSelectionSet [ssh GetID]
    qc SetQuery "element.id contour.value"
    qc GetIteratorHandle qciter
    puts "Element ID: $elem"
    set fp [open $FileName w]
    for {qciter First} {[qciter Valid]} {qciter Next} {
    puts $fp [regsub -all \{ [regsub -all \} [qciter GetDataList] ""] ""] }
    close $fp
     mh RemoveSelectionSet [ssh GetID"] 
     qc ReleaseHandle 
     qciter ReleaseHandle
   ssh ReleaseHandle


 2.)  How I can extract time step and corresponding contour value to .csv file by using TCL/tk. ??

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