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Rahul Ponginan

Define the relative displacement between two nodes as an optimization response (DRESP2 / function response)

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to define the relative displacement between two nodes as a response value for the optimization (or generally speaking a user defined function), you can use the DRESP2 response type. In HyperMesh, the DRESP2 entry is defined via the "response" panel, when chosing a response type "function". The function response needs to be linked to a user defined equation, e.g. in case of relative displacement u = d1-d2. The values d1 and d2 can be any other variable, reponse or table entry from your model. The following video shows the necessary steps to fully define the function response / DRESP2 entry for the optimization:


You can also look up DRESP2 and the "Optimization responses" chapters in the online help for further details.


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For creating a user defined response, create two responses for the displacements. Create a dequation 

f(a,b) = a - b

Come back to responses, create a new response with type "function". Select the dequation.

Click Edit before create. Choose responses in the bottom panel. Number of responses = 2. Double click each response field in the top panel and select the two responses created earlier.

Click return, followed by create. Use this new response like any other response in setting up the objective, constraints etc.

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Thank you Prakash


I also able figure it out. Infact I need to create a relative displacement in radial direction between two ends of spring. So used two responses and defined RSS (Square of sums ) and defined a-b between those two.


Thank you again


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