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  1. Hello, this is my first post. I am working on a theoretical problem. Lets say I have some design space for a bracket and I know the geometric locations of the interface connections, like bolt holes or something similar. Optimization Goal: Minimize reaction forces at interfaces due to load Constraints: Volfrac = <1.0 So I created a design variable with an equation for the total reaction force. Its a sum of the reaction forces at each bolt hole and is shown below. To get the bolt hole forces, i did the following. The bolt holes have RBE2 elements connected to springs that are fixed on the opposite end. For each spring there is a total displacement optimization response (the xi values below) for the unfixed end of the springs. I'm using the known stiffness of the springs and the displacement responses to calculate the forces in the springs. (F=K*d) Im currently trying to get this to work for one loadstep, but I was wondering... What if I want to do a series of loadsteps, and weight them like a WCOMP response. Is there a way with the dequation or some other card to do a weighted set of loadcases and minimize the reaction forces like I have described above? If I have orthoganal loads, the optimization solution will be very different for each loadstep. Thanks, Clint
  2. Hii, I am doing Topology Optimisation of Truss (Benchmark Problem).I am not getting proper results of topology as expected.Please do suggest me what to do for proper analysis & optimisation.I am unable to find out my mistake.I am attaching my files 6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS.fem 6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS.hm 6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS_des.h3d 6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS_s1.h3d
  3. Hello Currently I have a problem in the topology optimization of a bearing bracket. It has two components: non design and design component. The topology optimization is feasible, but there is no connection between the non design and design part. In the two pictures you can see, that the design part around the four holes only exists by the most minimal density. For the moment there is a contact 'TIE' between the non design and design components. Do you know how to connect the two parts, to get a topology optimization which connects them? I thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Hi, I recently noticed the Lattice Optimization option in the Topology tab and was wondering there any tutorials on how to use this tool? I've carried out lattice optimization by editing the DTPL card but was wondering if this is a more integrated approach.. Thanks in advance, Tom
  5. Hello, I am trying to use the optimization techniques in Inspire to model a tower which is subjected to a compressive load at the top. Every time I run the optimization for maximizing stiffness in the program, the final results in the design space are always vertical columns. Is there a way to specify some buckling constraints in the model? Thanks!
  6. Volume of topology optimized model

    Hello! Is there a way to see what is the exact volume of the topology optimized model? There is the option with Tool > masscalc, but there it shows only the volume of the origin model without the toplogy optimized geometry. Please correct me if I am wrong. Can it be seen in the .OUT file or in the .H3D file? Would it be possible to plot the volume as a function of the iteration steps? Thank you in advance for your help!
  7. Topology optimization error

    Hi All I am getting this error in topology optimization data check : Card "WEIGHT" is not allowed for this subcase type It's a 3D Solid problem with Wcomp and Volfrac, minimizing Wcomp and 0.3 Volfrac
  8. Aircraft Wing optimization

    Hi, Does anyone have any tips on how to go about optimising the internal structure of an aircraft wing? I am a very new user to Hypermesh. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am doing topology optimization for a cantilever beam and I want to know the mass reduction after optimization. Does anyone know how to calculate the mass for optimized result. In lattice optimization , I can import the .fem file into hyperworks and calculate the mass. But for topology optimization, it didn't work. Is there anyway I can calculate the mass for topology optimized results. Thank you, Regards, Soraya
  10. Optimization constraints

    Hello, I have tried running a topology optimization on a simply supported beam. I defined the objective as min. mass but did not introduce any stress or deformation constraints. And the optimization gave results. Is it possible to run a topology optimization without constraints? Then based on which parameter the software optimizes the structure, does it automatically introduce constraints by itself? Thank you, Muge Candogan
  11. Topology optimisation

    Hi, I am new to Hyperworks. I am getting Error 2148 "All the sensitivities of response 2(objective) are zero. Also: 1)I put a pressure across each element on the circles as I want a distributed load of 150N on each circle. Is this correct? 2)In reality my beam is welded on each end. Are my degrees of freedom correct? I have attached the file. Thank you. U Beam optimisation.hm
  12. Query about OptiStruct Topology Optimization

    Hello, can you tell me? I am not getting the complete result of my topology optimization. I wanna do topology optimization of the differential case of differential gear box. My FEA analysis is fine but optimization results are showing only in blue and red region form in element density. and how to compare of our final result from our original model that how much material we can or did remove from the model?
  13. Hello, I am solving an optimization problem of an automotive alternator bracket which is circular in shape. The cyclic rib formation (material removal as defined by ucyc) occurs only for a certain load values. It doesn't happen for either higher or lower load values. How is this possible?
  14. Hello, While solving a topology optimization file, I get the following error mesage: A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** See next message about line 409 from file: D:/Optimization - Weight Reduction/Final/101/s101-5.fem "SURF 3ELFACE" Syntax error(s) found in bulk data 'SURF' card. Unable to understand what does it say? How to resolve this?
  15. I'm doing a very simple optimization. The model is constrained at the fixtrue holes and a load is applied at some nodes on one face. I set my optimization objective to minimize the volume and established dconstraint for the displacement not to exceed 2mm. I run opimization, get feasible design and convergence but my displacement responce curve seems to diverge. Below there're three graphs of my results. In the case of convergence it should go down, not jump arround and go as high as 30mm displacement. Constraint violation stops signaling too and it takes 27 iterations to finish (doesn't even need to go up to 30 iteration default limit) Analysis log.txt
  16. Hi, is it possible to run a topology optimization when applying rotational forces (computed load according to rotational velocity) Thanks in advance!
  17. Dear all, I am actually working on a tubular chassis optimization and I am a beginner HW. I would like to obtain this kind of result : And actually my result (for only one load case in torsion ) look like : So my question is how to parameter Optistruct in order to obtain a result like a frame ? Thanks, Alban
  18. Dequations help

    Hello Optistruct users, I am attempting to run a topology optimization using dequations as a force constraint. I would like to obtain the reaction forces on a bolt (represented as a CBUSH) and calculate the shear forces on the bolt. The shear forces will be calculated using dequations since we can only obtain reaction forces in DOF 1-6 and shear is needed from both DOF 2 and 3 (in this case). I would then like to use the calculated reaction shear force as a constraint. My trouble is relating the reaction forces to the dequation. How do I reference these forces? I am assuming I will need to reference the node number as well. My other concern is relating the dequation to RESP2. When I try to create a response (using function as my response type) I get the response "a dequation must be selected and edited". I am not sure if this is due to my equation not having referenced any forces with my variables or not. Do I need to create my eqation in Hypermath? Being that the equation I need is already a built in funtion as rss I am thinking I do not need to use Hypermath. Also, if there is a better way to establish the same result I am open to suggestions. Thanks, LP
  19. Error in topology optimization

    Hi everybody, I'm a new in the Hyperworks and Optistructt and I made some tutorials correctly and learned how to use some features of the program, but when i try to optimize a RC airplane wheel, all the elements of design space disappears. I tried to fix that for two days and so far i didn't discovered anything.... Somebody can help me? i haven't found any tutorial or topics about wheel optimizations, somebody know where i can find? Thanks! Daniel Andrade Federal Universty of Minas Gerais - Aerodesign Team
  20. Hi, So while reviewing the result of topology optimization in hyperview we have two different pages showing design history (densities) and the subcase result (displacement and stresses). How can i plot the contour value of stresses or displacement while at the same time showing the iso-value of densities (optimized shape)? Thanks! bayupu
  21. Hey all! I hope you can help me! I´m doing an optimization for a university project of a bracket but get no convergence and high constraint violations. The model: See the design volume (blue) in Screenshot 1. The yellow areas are not being optimized. There the loads are applied and the model is constrained at the two yellow areas on the top. I had to use TET10 elements because auf geometrical issues. 6 forces apply to the model. I use quite big elements but this is for doing quick calculations...I don´t want to wait 2 hours to see if it is working... but I think this should not be a problem here?! Optimization: I want to reduce the weight/volume. So objective is to minimze volume (I have tried Mass, volfrac). At the nodes, where I´ve applied the forces (basically in the middle of the yellow areas), I have set displacement constraints (betweent 0.5mm and 2mm). I use min member size controll of 0.4 and a stress constraint of 450(N/mm²) My Problem: The solver always reaches the iteration limit of 80 without converging below the tolerance and ist violating the constraints massively. (screenshot). I have tried to let the solver run 120 iterations but without any usable result. Here are the ones with 120 iterations: When I view the results given by the solver at iteration 80 it looks like it is about to find a solution that looks acceptable in my eyes. but the strange thing ist that the density values of the structure often are below 0.1 and not almost 1 as they shpould be. I have tried to check if it ist because of quite low loads (max about 165N) but with a scale factor of 10 the same element densities appear. Results with density values > 0.05: Results with density values > 0.2: Results with density values > 0.5: Has anybody an idea what I am doing wrong? Should I increase the number of iterations further?
  22. ERROR 320

    Hello, I'm trying to run a topology optimization on a 3D volume meshed with tetra elements. the objective is to minimize the Weighted Compliance. The responses I've chosen are : - weighted compliance - Vol Frac the constraints are : - VolFrac <0.1 - max stress < 870 MPa (via STRESS input in the DTPL card). I get the following error message: " *** ERROR # 320 *** Static load case 1 has prescribed displacements. The combination of global stress constraints and prescribed displacements is not meaningful. Optimization cannot be performed." I hardly see why it is not meaningful to use global stress constraints with SPCD... does anybody have a solution? Note: the SPCD is applied on a single node which is connected to the volume using a RBE2. Do I have to remove the area close to the RBE2 from the design volume?
  23. Setting constraint to erp

    hello all I am defining optimisation to reduce erp by topology optimisation. My objective is to find optimum material distribution to have low erp my defination goes as dconstraint: Erp: upper bound > (Target values) #### Volumefrac= upperbound 0.3 design volume objective= minimize design volume Loadstep = Modal frequency Response. ###For this setup I get error selected subcase not compatible with type of response while setting constraint on ERP how do i set the erp as target value. Regards Pratik
  24. OptiStruct Lattice Optimisation

    Hi, I was using the lattice optimisation tutorial in order to complete a lattice optimisation on my own component and it completed the first step no problem, producing the "_lattice.fem" file. However, when I then ran that through OptiStruct, I got the following error: *** ERROR # 1814 *** MASSFRAC response on DRESP1 card 2 is not applied to a topology or free-size domain. Please could you advise on what I should do? Kind Regards, Iain
  25. Boundary conditions for pipe optmisation

    I want to optimisation in pipes of different diameters connected to each other. What boundary condition (like loads and constraints) I can input. If I only want to see topology optimisation.