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  1. Submitted by Dimitris on Tue, 06/14/2016 - 15:59 Hi, I have generated the cascaded controllers (inner dq and outer Vdc) for my active rectifier and I am using sPWM, which works fine. Now I want to use space vector modulation (not just 3rd harmonic) to minimise switching losses. My experimenter kit is the Concerto H63C2 and thus i use F280x library blocks so far and TI 32-bit DIgital motor control blocks (Clack and Park transformations). 1) I saw the discussion between the SVP PWM and the Full Compare PWM in the forum, and I would be keen to go for the second (Full compare) but this is in the F281x lib and when I try to use it the compiler cannot generate an output file. Probably makes sense!!! 2)So, I tried the TI 32-bit digital motor control library and the "Space vector PWM" block (I use the space vector generator quadrature control block from the same library, to get the duty cycles and works just fine , + the Park and Clack transformations). However, this block ("Space vector PWM") doesn't allow to generate the output file when compiling it. Is there any incompatibility with my DSP? It says when compiling it _F281x_EV1_PWM_Inti and _F281x_EV1_PWM_Update (undefined symbols).I assume that the block have been made only for the F281x DSPs by mistake and not for all the DSPs as it should? Because I use the f280x and I use other TI 32-bit digital motor control library blocks with no problem ....Can you please advice if I am doing something wrong or the block needs to be changed in order to work for concertos? Is there any way to use the Full Compare PWM with my DSP (for f280x), as I would like to set the dead time and gives better control of my actions. Thank you in advance for your time. Kind regards Dimitris
  2. Submitted by Joe on Fri, 10/23/2009 - 21:05 There are 2 inputs to the VisSim ePWM block and when you right click there are many many options. Are there any other blocks or items that go with or belong with the epwm module or is everything self contained. I'm trying to sync a few modules and play with timing. I downloaded the 100+ pages of TI epwm reference (SPRU791F) so this will keep me busy. Any recommendations or tips regarding this module? Thanks