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  1. Problems with the GUI

    Hey there, since a while my Panel is cut off at the side (see screenshot - on the bottom right). Restarting the Programm / PC didn't help. Deactivating Panels in "View" and reactivating neither. Does someone know this problem and could help me with it? Thank's in advance! Cheers
  2. Hello everyone I have a quite complexe geometry to mesh. For this I have applied 'Check Elements Quality Index', where it shows the quality of the elements. Now I would like to know, if there is a possibility to cut the model, to be able to see the inner contours and how the elements looks there. Then I could have a better overview of the situation and know what to change for the mesh. I thank you in advance for your help!
  3. Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi everyone, I am currently trying to perform a modal analysis of a component AFTER it has been loaded with a force. During the loading step, some parts of the component engage in SLIDE type contact. I use OPTISTRUCT. I currently plan to make two loadsteps for the analysis: 1.A non-linear quasistatic step during which I load my model and contacts are engaged 2.A normal modes analysis which should compute the modes for the deformed structure obtained after step1 Is this possible in Optistruct? Thanks in advance for any answer. Regards Matteo
  4. Lattice Beam Radius Change

    Hı; I am doing lattice optimization structure using optistruct. I can change POROSITY or LATLB in phase 1. But I want to make changes in the beams. In other words, I want to change the values such as the lattice beam radius, the thickness in the phase 2 (sizing optimization). Can I do this? Thank you, Good work.
  5. Hello, i am doing the Optistruct tutorial OS1090 and can't find "heat_transfer_fin.fem" file neither in Hyperworks installation folder nor via Altair connect. I tried by my self but when it comes to select nodes via ID and there is no picture showing the nodes position i am stuck. Please sb. help me finding the tutorials base-files. Regards, Björn
  6. Hello, I'm importing a .hm file to the HyperStydy which is a composite model. But I'm not able to import variable other than Material and Moment. Can you point out where I might be going wrong?
  7. Hello, for my Thesis i have to solve a large Simulation on a small Server. After 2 Iterations the solver stopped cause an Error: *** ERROR # 9012 *** Error writing .h3d file. This error occurs in module "wrtdrv". After searching this Problem with Google i cant find any Solutions. The Server runs on win10 mby this is an issue.. Can someone help me with this Error?
  8. How to change from Solvers?

    I have a model that runs static analysis in Radioss, which is now required for Acoustic analysis. How do I transfer my model from Radioss-2017 to Optistruct-2017 without disturbing the card images and control card data?
  9. First of all, sorry if I added this question not according to the official Terms of use. It´s my first question... The problem itself is quite easy to solve i quess. I want to create a 2D mesh that is more coarse in one direction than in the other. In my case I want to have only 3 sections in the y-direction and very fine sections in x-direction. I created the geometry by first connecting 2 nodes with a linear line. Then I created a Surface by dragging along a vector. The mesh was then created by AutoMesh. Thanks in adcvance! Cheers
  10. Hello, I'm currently running through tutorial OS-3300: Using the lattice optimization process in optistruct. I have run the studies with various porosity and want to compare the mass of the interations. However, I am struggling to understand the unit system used as Density for the material is at 7.9*10^-9? Does anyone know what uniots have been used? Thanks in advance, Tom
  11. Basic Solid Linear Static Error

    Hi, I am trying to learn how to run FEA on hyperworks (beginner). Eventually, I'm going to implement it for my thesis. I've followed exactly as the tutorial video tells me to do in terms of meshing, assigning material and property, load collectors and setup. As I ran the OptiStruct, it gives me error of, *** Errors with missing, incorrect or duplicate IDs found 600 times. ************************************************************************ There were 600 error messages during input processing. The first message is repeated below: *** ERROR 14: Missing property # 1 referenced by CQUAD4 # 1. *** Errors with missing, incorrect or duplicate IDs found 600 times. ************************************************************************ ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== I've read other questions, but this error seems like it's coming from assigning the wrong property. I made sure it's selected as PSOLID. My model is just a simple cube, I am not sure where this error comes from. Could you please help me going through this problem? I'm attaching the model file for your review. Please point out what I've done wrong. I'm a bit frustrated learning this software because of so many things need to be done prior to the analysis. PRACTICE1.hm
  12. press fit simulation

    Dear All, I want to do press fit simulation of silent block with interference of 0.01 radially by using NLSTAT in Optistruct. can any one please guide how to do it.
  13. Leaf spring analysis

    @George P Johnson For above leaf spring, as per your suggestion, this time I have used optistruct with NLSTAT analysis using LGDISP in loadstep. Since I am new to this software will you help me make solver deck (required control cards, slide contacts and interfaces and non linear material prop). Just for information: In this material is non linear with YTS 1200MPa and UTS 1600MPa. I will be giving load at bottom nodes equally distributed among nodes as given in .hm file. I have given boundary condition properly. I want to calculate displacement of leaf spring and von mises too for this given load. There is freeze contact everywhere except 1st leaf and tip insert. Please check pcont properties are correct. please check whether NLPARM parameters are correct for my required outputs. Please check my load step whether it is correct. Please send .hm file after correction. Thanks and regards, Pratik trail4.hm
  14. Hello, I am using Optistruct to numerically calculate some FRFs. I have test data to validate my numerical results. Measured test data is an FRF data in the form of Inertance (acceleration/force). I see that there is a big gap in frequency components' amplitudes between the measured data and numerically calculated data, though calculated and measured natural frequencies align very well. I have followed the modal frequency response tutorial and nowhere in the tutorial is it shown that we're specifically selecting the type of FRF we're wanting (e.g. inertance or mobility or receptance). GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST is used with DISPLACEMENT enabled and that makes me think that, what I am calculating in Optistruct is Receptance and not Inertance. I tried to request ACCELERATION instead of DISPLACEMENT, but ACCELERATION doesn't let me select the output node set which I used for DISPLACEMENT. How can I make sure in Optistruct that the numerical data I'm getting is inertance and not mobility (velocity/force) or receptance (displacement/force)? Best regards
  15. Hello, while modelling a simple calculation for a pretensioned bolt with 1D elements, i got the following problem: In the visualisation you can see, that the 1D element on which the pretension is applied to gets lengthen. (A 'pretension' is applied, but to the wrong direction.) According to the pretension file (.pret) everything seems to be reasonable, even if i add an additional tension load case after the pretension sub. However the contact forces do not. The '1D bolt' i used is a single ROD element , which is connect to the guiding (independent) node of a RBE2 spider of the washer (shell elements) to both sides. I attached a picture where you can see my definition in the Pretension Manager window. I also attached a picture of the property of the ROD element. I read all the infos in the users guide and online-help, but can't find an answer to my question. How can this problem be solved? Do i have to use a special orientation of the pretension section and how is this defined correctly. Please, i need your help!
  16. Contour loads

    Hello Altair users and forum members, Fist of all I take this opportunity to introduce myself in this forum. I´m relatively newbe with this tool and this forum is very usefull to solve many doubts which appeared. I have a question related with contour load maps and legend attached. The problem is i´d like to represent loads a pressure as a contour color map and I got it, but legend is not customizable (at least such of i want). legend represents values with smaller than symbols and I want represent with exact values (equal to), is possible. In the simple example attached, in opposite faces of a quarter cylinder I´ve been imposed 1MPa in one face (upper face) and 3MPa in opposite one. The question is simple, is possible generate a contour map with a color assigned for 1Mpa and other one for 3MPa?. I don´t know the way of control legend. Thanks in advance ContourLoad Test.hm
  17. How to apply displacement as load in linear static analysis in Optistruct? and apply the same in local co-ordinate system? Rgds, Arul
  18. radioss to optistruct conversion

    Hi, I am having a radioss bus structure file with min. element size of 5 mm used for crash simulation and now I want to use the same file for static and non-linear quasistaic analysis in optistruct If I go to optistruct will all contacts be detected as it is in radioss and is recommended this way or generate separate file for it. As the structure size is large, meshing will take more time and thus wanted to avoid making new file. Thank you
  19. Hi i have got the following error. I had run FRF on the same model (large) previous week for same frequency range. It was fine. This week for another FRF analysis for the same frequency this is showing this error. Please help *** ERROR # 2782 *** 32bit integer overflow occurred in reduced order model processing. This is usually because of the higer than default value of AMPFFACT used in analysis. If not, it is simply due to too many eigenvalues located in the requested frequency range. Reducing the upper frequency bound in EIGRA card is likely to make AMSES go through. This issue will be resolved in later version.
  20. ERROR # 2782 Optistruct

    Hi i have got the following error. I had run FRF on the same model (large) previous week for same frequency range. It was fine. This week for another FRF analysis for the same frequency this is showing this error. Please help *** ERROR # 2782 *** 32bit integer overflow occurred in reduced order model processing. This is usually because of the higer than default value of AMPFFACT used in analysis. If not, it is simply due to too many eigenvalues located in the requested frequency range. Reducing the upper frequency bound in EIGRA card is likely to make AMSES go through. This issue will be resolved in later version.
  21. Nodal Stress Values for MNF file

    Hello, I'm trying to create a flexible body file by using Craig-Bampton Method. I need to write nodal stress values into the .h3d result file. From the global output request menu, I choose the stress option with corner location, then an ordinary analysis that has standard loadstep (for example linear static case) is run, and i can obtain the corner values. whereas, for the flexibody generation case, the nodal stress values are not written in the h3d file. Is there any way to obtain corner stress values in a .h3d result file for a flexible body generation?
  22. Modal analysis solve time taking huge time

    Hello, Modal analysis solve is taking huge time. My solve is running out of core. And it is taking lot of time. Please find below attached pic. Force_Motor_CD_CAE_31_Modal_T6.out
  23. Non Design Space Component Disapearing

    Hello, I am trying to perform a simple lattice optimization using optistruct in order to create a tensile specimen with lattice structure. When I run my optimization, a feasible design is found however the resulting .fem file no longer has a solid for the non design space. This becomes apparent when I try to export the results to .iges I've attached the relevant files as reference: ASTM_D638_02a_TypeIII_lattice.fem ASTM_D638_02a_TypeIII.hm Thanks Malcolm
  24. Hi, I'm using optistruct 'free shape' to create 'design variable' and saved as a .hm file. How to import this variable into Hyperstudy as a 'Define design variables'? Thank you so much!
  25. Radopt

    I ran a radioss model optimization via optistruct -radopt, It shown results, optimization results look OK, my only question is, why it only took one design response instead of the three I set? (attached image) Regards, GGB