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  1. I am working on FSAE model, for my college team, I have come to know about vehicle library via YouTube video here is its URL I cant find the template used in this video in 53:58 named "Direct Actuation Suspension". Where can i get it please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi to everybody, i have this problem and i hope that someone is able to help me please. I want to perform the stress analysis of some bodies connected to each other and belonged to an assembly (the assembly is a wheelchair moving on the street) , but the stress only of those bodies not of the whole assembly. I saw that one way is using flex body to model the bodies, and it's the only way that i know to check the stress in motionsolve, but it happened this error: ERROR: Error encountered in analysis! (1) The integration has become unstable. Tighten (decrease) integr_tol, h_max, or both in Param_Transient can help stabilize the integration. If the simulation contains distinctive phases, use multiple Simulate, each with its own proper integrator parameter setting, to selectively tighten the tolerance during the period where instability is encountered. (2) If the simulation was terminated because stepsize has diminished consistently below h_min, reduce h_min in Param_Transient to force integration to continue. (3) Non-physical inertia properties, such as mass=100 Kg and Ixx=Iyy=Izz=1 Kg*mm^2, or extremely small inertia on a part with an unconstrained degree of freedom. Make sure the modeling data, in particular the part inertia and the gravity, are specified in proper units consistent with the units given in Param_Unit element. (4) Beam, flexible body goes out of linear range, bushing has large rotation along more than one axis, curve goes out of its interpolation range, higher-pair joint goes out of the range of U or V, etc. Make sure fundamental modeling assumptions, such as rigid contact assumption used in Force_Contact, are not violated. (5) Motion displacement defined using LINSPL, AKISPL in dynamic analysis, or as a function of model states (DX, VX etc), as well as forces defined as a function of other forces, can cause hard convergence and integrator failure. Avoid these modeling practices wherever possible. has anyone some suggest? or is there another method to check the stress analysis in motionsolve,maybe without using flex body? thank you very much
  3. Hey Guys! I have faced the next problem when I tried to Import CAD or Fine Element Model With Mass and Inertia in Motion View. The STEP file was imported and you can see on the attached image the „bodies” but the „graphics” aren’t visible. It is written at the Graphical source that "error evaluating". I tried to import in the 2017 version of HW, but it didn't work due to importing/conversion error. What did I do wrong? Could you please help me in this matter? Thank you for your help in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  4. How to create a tire model and edit the tire model parameters????
  5. I am doing MV-1010-contact simulation tutorial of geneva model. When i checked the final model the page prompted an error in the model as: "Error: Contact Crank_to_slotted under Model from HM references one or more graphics that contain free edges, i.e. the geometry is not closed, or T connections. The graphic(s) in question are: Crank, Slotted Disk. Open shell graphics or graphics with T connections are not allowed in contact simulations. " I think i need to delete or merge free edges, but i don't know the procedure for doing that. Please help me in solving this issue? PFA the model file
  6. Model Import

    Hey there, I'm trying to import a leaf model I've generated. It was mostly created using the leaf wizard, and saved as a .mdl. For some reason, every time I try to insert the model, whether just the data or data and wizard selections all I get is this:
  7. mdl file

    hello I study on a vibration source like shaker who produce sine move I saved file as .mdl but I cannot open any way moreover I cannot export when I open this file I see this screen
  8. @Deep I am working on AOC model and I wanted to find out velocity and acceleration. How to find it?
  9. Hello, I am working on some suspension geometry. I have created points and bodies and defined a springdamper and given some property but there are no option for number of turns, free lengths etc.
  10. hello all, i am working on supra model, for my college team, i have come to know about vehicle library via YouTube video of Altair motion solve, where can we download this vehicle library
  11. Sir, In reference to the previous conversation on the doubt regarding the multi body dynamics , we have the following problems . PROBLEM 1 :- How to find the forces on a particular member ( lower A-arm)when the vehicle is in dynamic condition like bump force, forces at the time of cornering through MBD? PROBLEM 2 :- We have done some analysis through supra template on MOTION VIEW but how to change the rotational orientation of the joints such as ball joints And to create joints in Motion View REGRESILY WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY. Thanking You, TEAM BRAVADO MOTORSPORT
  12. I am working on some assembly model. There are some components where there is no separate motion it is connected to some parts which is in motion. But I cannot use fix joint to fix that component because it restrict motion. So what is possible solution.
  13. Gravity

    I have created CAD model in some CAD software. When I import it to motionview its in y-direction but gravity is in z-direction and it is creating some problem to simulation
  14. There are node limitations in hypermesh student edition. So what are the limitation in motion view student edition?
  15. hello, i didn't find client selector in my software, is there new version feature.
  16. Hello, I am working on Multibody dynamics, i have a mechanism which has rotational as well as translational motion, Now i wanted to rotate it with respect to axis sobi selected cylindrical joint but i am not able to rotate it.
  17. Hello, i tried the new belt-pulley-simulation in MotionView. The assembly was correct and i attached a rotary motion to the first pulley. In the animation can be seen that this pulley ist rotating, but not the belt and other pulleys. Is there an option for friction or others necessary settings? Thanks and greetings Pierre
  18. Over-Constrained mechanism

    hi, I am want to model overconstrained Mechanism in MotionView/MotionSolve. Is it possible to simulate the behavior of the over-constrained mechanism in MotionSolve? Warning: Row Deficiency Detected: This may indicate a kinematic model or over constrained model. Program will continue with redundant constraints removal. From the warning I understand that the program is not for over-constrained models. Any suggestions ? Thanks. Manisha
  19. Tires and flexbodies

    Hi.My model contains the car chassis and suspensions.The suspensions parts and the chassis are all flexible bodies.I recently added tires to my model.More specific,i did put the sample2002.tire that is included in motionview12 vertion. From the time i put the tires,i have this problem.When i try to solve the model,the solver reaches this line "Partitioning generalized coordinates..." and then it just says "Analyis complete".Thats stupid because the solver didnt solve a thing!It didnt even reach the point where is starts showing the already computed time steps. Any ideas?