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  1. Parameters of a macro

    Hi, I'd like to know if there is a way to let the user give parameters to a macro without those parameters being Flux parameters (IO or geometric). Simple example: I want to make a macro that computes the parameters of a non-meshed coil. The user can enter the dimensions of the iron core as well as the maximal size of the coil and the thickness of the insulation. Yet, I do not want these input values to be saved as geometric parameters, I only want to keep the four resulting values as parameters that Flux needs. Can I do this? Thanks in advance, Romain
  2. Hi everyone, I have problem obtaining the TCL command of auto contact pair finding. My model contains 6 components, I use the Abaqus contact manager to automatically find contact pairs for me. Manually, I can successfully find contact pairs. Since I want to run this process automatically by TCL script, I do the process manually and check out the code added in the command.cmf file. Unfortunately, the code are very long, approximately 50000 lines. Also, the code are about nodes' data and surface set, which is not I am looking for. I am looking for the command that represents the buttons "auto", "components: all", "find", "create". I will show these buttons in the figures attached. By the way, the file: raw.hm is my model. Again, my goal is to get the TCL code for finding contact pairs. Please help me, thanks! raw.hm
  3. How can I run a tcl script through a macro using *evaltclscript and then import a variable from that tcl script to use in the same macro, such as the userpage.mac file ? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Macro/ Script for hypermesh

    Please mention any material or reference sites for maco/script writing for hypermesh. Thank you.
  5. The macros enable the user to regroup the frequently used commands in an extension integrated into the software. You can build up a macro instead of manually executing a series of repetitive actions in Flux, which you will then be able to call regularly. A macro is interesting because it can encapsulate within a new command a series of repetitive operations and thus improve the quality and efficiency of the user-software interaction. Concretely, a macro file (*.py) is a text file, which defines the macro-function in the PyFlux language. It receives (upon entry) one or more parameters and executes (upon exit) a series of predefined actions. It is possible to use the macros provided with Flux or to create your own macros. All macros provided with Flux are open sources, to help you to create a macro fitting exactly your expectation. The list of macros provided with Flux is available in C:\Altair\Extensions\Macros\macros_list_EN.pdf. The moste recent one are described with more details in the attached document "New_Flux_macros_2016". New_Flux_macros_2016.pdf
  6. Macro Dynamic Analysis

    Hello, I would like to know how to create a macro (script) using OptiStruct and HyperStudy for dynamic analysis (modal, harmonic and transient) of a free cantilever beam 1D. How to create / import geometry, put materials and properties, meshing, put loads and run the analysis. Thank you
  7. Hi fellows, I'm creating a parametric macro which makes and mesh a bearing in an automatic way. I must add some kinematic coupling to model the balls contact so i need to select several nodes. those nodes are not easy to select. First of all, i've selected those elements linked with this surface (Figure 1) chosen nodes are the tagged ones. I just want to select the inner nodes so i've been thinking about creating another set of nodes by : *createmark nodes 1 "by sphere" $xball 0 $zball $circlemesh boundary 1 1 0 xball 0 zball are the ball centre corrdinates circlemesh is the radius ro the outer circle which contains the undesired nodes. So now i have 2 sets of nodes: undesired: 488187 488386 488385 488376 488375 488374 488373 488372 488368 488336 488335 488334 488325 488324 488323 488322 488321 488317 488285 488284 488283 488274 488273 488272 488271 488270 488269 488266 488234 488202 488199 488198 488197 488196 488195 488194 488184 488183 and sector: 488187 488198 488197 488196 488195 488194 488193 488192 488191 488190 488189 488188 488185 488184 I was wondering about a function that removes the repeated nodes in a new set so it just remain these nodes: 488188 488193 488192 488191 488190 488189 488185 Thank you HW fellows
  8. Select faces in a TCL script

    Hi everybody, I'm programming a macro which attempts to build a bearing. I try to drag some elements in TCL but don't know how. If i create faces and drag them in hypermesh and copy the command.cmf lines to the script, macro selects the ID faces. I can't do it in this way because if I change the geometry probably ID faces may change too. Anyone know what to do?
  9. Automation surface mesh macro

    Hello all, I'm a beginner in HM and I would like to create a macro that will allow me to extract the mid surface of a part and after that it will mesh this mid surface. I need this for my job. I hope to be clear enough. Thank you Vincent
  10. i was trying to run a macro downloaded from http://www.altairhyperworks.in/Script-Exchange.aspx?%3ftop_nav_str=1with the name " Create Derived Load Cases from Excel *cs". but it gives an error attached below: "//sezfiler02/iSTARTv5/CAx_Softwares/CAE/Altair/HM12.0_server/hm/scripts/EngineeringSolutions" this is the path that exists in my system but rest of the path mentioned in the error doesn't exists.
  11. Hi all I am very new to tcl and macro making and was trying to create a macro for checking the jacobian. Using the help file from hypermesh desktop reference guide this is what i did: (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 1 "displayed" (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 2 (Documents) 74 % *elementtestjacobian (elements,1,0.7,2,2,0,"jacobain") this gives an error of "unknown entity type found". so i tried doing this: (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 1 "displayed" (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 2 (Documents) 73 % *elementtestjacobian (elements, $1 ,0.7, $2 ,2,0,"jacobain") but this gave an error of "can't read 2 no such variable found". I have done exactly what was mentioned in help file then why I am getting error?
  12. Hi, Can anyone know the .tcl macro for the generating of rigidlinks between the same rigid material(MID) parts for with output of PIDs of respective links in .key file format for Hypermesh12v.
  13. I need to use *positionmark in a for loop of a macro, I have the x, y, and z coordinates of all 6 nodes that are required for *positionmark command. How to execute *positionmark command in this case. Thank You Regards Malli
  14. Hello All, I try to obtain the name or ID of the current collector (especially component) during the execution of a macro. I have looked for a command in the hypermesh help, but i did not find any "hm_getcurrentcollector" or equivalent Can someone help me? Thank you
  15. Hi all, I am new to Hypermesh and I have to focus on scripting/macros/user menus. So I started with the tutorials about HyperMesh customization. There is a tutorial available in HyperWorks Help: "HM-8040: Create a Utility Menu Macro from a Tcl Script" The link for tutorial (in standard installation of HyperMesh) is: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/11.0/help/hwtut/hwtut.htm?8040.htm I followed the procedure exactly, and very carefully, however at the end, I found that there was no new button created for my macro which runs the file saving tcl script The Utility menu's userpage was totally blank. Is there any reason known to create this problem? This is a very basic level tutorial and it is not working with the perfectly fine installtion of HyperMesh that runs flawlessly with interactive operations. Any sort of help is welcomed. Best regards, Mubeen.