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  1. Lattice Beam Radius Change

    Hı; I am doing lattice optimization structure using optistruct. I can change POROSITY or LATLB in phase 1. But I want to make changes in the beams. In other words, I want to change the values such as the lattice beam radius, the thickness in the phase 2 (sizing optimization). Can I do this? Thank you, Good work.
  2. Hello, I'm currently running through tutorial OS-3300: Using the lattice optimization process in optistruct. I have run the studies with various porosity and want to compare the mass of the interations. However, I am struggling to understand the unit system used as Density for the material is at 7.9*10^-9? Does anyone know what uniots have been used? Thanks in advance, Tom
  3. Hi, I need to convert my optimization result to a 3D CAD model for 3D printing. The model is divided into design and non design spaces. When I export the model, only design space is converted. How I can convert the whole model into CAD model. When I try to export the solver deck as .stl file, there is not .stl file option available. I appreciate if someone can help. Thanks, Soraya
  4. Lattice Example

    Hı, I am trying to perform a simple lattice optimization using optistruct. I could do OS-3300: Using the Lattice Optimization Process in OptiStruct model. But it is not enough for me to understand. I tried to myself on various model but it made error. Can you help me in terms of example or suggestion? Thank you, Good work.
  5. Lattice structure minimum diameter

    Hello Normally a lattice optimization does create lattice structures of different elements. Does a way exist to set a minium diameter of the lattice structure? I know the function 'MINRAD', which cleans in the second optimization phase and eliminates all elements above the set value. If I use MINRAD, almost all lattice structures are eliminated, as they are quite small (between 0.0027 and 0.335 mm). The ideal lattice structure would have diameters above 0.5 or 1 mm. How can this be set? I thank you in advance for your help!
  6. Measure lattice diameters

    Hello I have made a lattice optimization. Now I would like to measure the diameter of the lattice beams. Do you know how to measure them? I thank you in advance for your help!
  7. Hello If there is a mesh file(like obj or stl files)or coordinates of beams,just like the pic below,how can i build a lattice structure(replace each edge of mesh with a cylindrical beam) in the OptiStruct quickly? I thank you in advance for your help!
  8. Hi, I recently noticed the Lattice Optimization option in the Topology tab and was wondering there any tutorials on how to use this tool? I've carried out lattice optimization by editing the DTPL card but was wondering if this is a more integrated approach.. Thanks in advance, Tom
  9. Lattice modelling

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to convert a solid part into a lattice structure without any optimization. In my analysis, I am considering a cylinder which it has an outer layer made of lattice. To perform the analysis, I want to have a lattice structure in outer surface. so would it be possible to model a lattice part in Hyperworks? Thank you, Soraya
  10. Hi, I am currently learning how to carry out lattice based optimization on OptiStruct. I have attempted the attached tutorial found elsewhere on the HyperWorks forums, but keep running into the same problem during the Run in OptiStruct? I have tried various edits of the line below the DTPL card line but keep coming across the same error. Any help would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance, Tom Lattice_01.fem Lattice_01.out Lattice Optimisation Tutorial.pdf
  11. Manufacturability of Optimized Lattice

    Hello, I am working on a project where lattice optimization will be performed on a part that will eventually be printed using additive manufacturing. From what I understand, after performing a topology optimization using optistruct, the elements with a density between UB and LB will be converted into lattice structure. Based on some trial analysis, it appears that each element is converted into it's own lattice "unit cell". For a fine mesh this presents a problem as the lattice structure will be too small to print. Is there any way to continue using a fine mesh for accuracy but to have a larger lattice created? I can also use a larger mesh, but with the complex geometry I suspect the optimization will be significantly less accurate.
  12. Multiobjective Optimization

    Is it possible to run a multiobjective optimization in Optistruct?
  13. Hello, I am running lattice optimization on certain shapes that I would like to 3D print. I was wondering if a separate tool or software is required/can be used to make the obtained lattice structure manufacturable? What would be the method for manufacturing the varying lattice densities? Thank you, Muge Candogan
  14. Hi, I am getting ''CTETRA element 4821 is distorted (zero or negative Jacobian).'' this error in my analysis. In my lattice component i used tetra with 0.5 element size and each unit cell of my component is 1mm x 1mm x 1mm so the whole component size is 10mm x 1mm x 1mm . How the error can be rectified and I tried the same approach for single solid beam there I didnt get any error. I dont know if its because of lattice or I have to change any mesh size ?, I turned off PARAM , CHECKELM to NO but that doesnt help me and for combining the each unit cell into single one i used Geo-> Solid Edit-> Boolean ( A+B) will this be a problem ? since I tried without combining there was no error but the analysis showed only on one unit cell, So where the problem is any help from experts would be nice . Thanks PS : I have attached my model with BCs for your reference . Kind Regards, Muthu lattice beam.hm
  15. Hi everyone, I want to do a convergence study for two components ( 1st Solid component and 2nd lattice component) I have attached the pic of my components together in one picture for your reference. First I want to do a mesh convergence for lattice to find out optimial mesh for the component with the same E and density values , Similarly I have to do a mesh convergence for solid component same like lattice. My Question is after finiding the mesh convergence study what I mentioned above I have to make a covergence study regarding E modulus, In order to tell how much the E has to be reduced regarding the density of Lattice component to reach same behaviour of solid component. How I can proceed to do convergence study regarding E modulus that the LS block and Solid-block have same behaviour. A help would be really appreciated. Anticipating a good response for experts. Thank you . Kind Regards, Muthu.
  16. Hello everyone, I am currently working on a lattice structure made of beam elements and I would like to split all those elements into two, in order to increase the mesh's density. So far I have found how to split 1-D elements by drawing a line... but considering there are close to 26 000 elements, this method is definitely not ideal here ! So my question is: is there an easy way to select all the 1-D elements and split them into two "in one click" ? Thank you in advance for your time. Matthieu
  17. Different Lattice Types

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the difference between different lattice types( type 1, 2 , 3 and 4) in lattice optimization by Optistruct? And how can I get their properties after optimization? Thank you,
  18. Lattice Optimization Confusion

    Hi there, I'm new to lattice optimization and confronted a curious problem. My test example is a cubic, with dimension 240mm*146mm*1000m for example, after state analysis, the max displacement is about 7.5mm. Then I did lattice optimization, set volume_fraction as constraint and Min_compliance(Max stiffness) as objective. I set the density as Design_variable, with range 0.01~1, as shown in pic attached. And I have two control cards to set optimization process. My three questions are: 1. What should I choose for "Config" for these two cards respectively? One just controls interation number and the other control lattice parameter? 2. When I set minimum of lattice radius value, for example10mm, it appears as the maximum radius value in the control card. Why does this happen? 3. Is it possible for me to have a lattice optimized structure having same stiffness(max disp) as the original solid one? And How? Is it possible to achieve it just by changing lattice radius? Great thanks!
  19. hello to forum members, Problem encountered by solver: Fatal error encountered. About structure: Stucture - Cross size: 12*12*18 mm material : Ti alloy using MAT1 and MATX Property: PSolid and Psolidx(when using it, error is coming) Load collecter: NLPARM is used MY questions is my way of solving correct? which type of non-linear analysis is required (implicit or explicit) in such structures? what is meant by fatal error occurred and how to remove it? For CTETRA elements, Isolid (in psolidx) is not provided any value. does it means it has to keep off and other parameters such as imsrtr and icpre and iframe has to provide some numerical value? if so then what values should be chosen and why? there is no tutorial for solving such problems with Radioss. hyperworks help is not regularly updated In Matx card, is it necessary to provide values to all the parameters like a, b, c, epsmax, N, sigmax? I am uploading .hm file with the issue. I need sincere assistance as this would help me completing my research work. Thanks and Regardscross_669.hm cross_669.hm
  20. HyperWorks Tutorials

    Dear Sir or Madam, For my work I am looking for introctory tutorials that can teach me the basics for using Hyperworks. My research issue will focus on the optimization of foams and lattice structures so I am also interested some Optistruct tutorials. If there is a way to handle threedimensional foams (I already discovered a honeycomb material) I am also keen to learn about this. Regards, Alexander
  21. lattice analysis using pbeaml

    Hello,everyone. I am a new user of the hyperworks. And I want to analysis a .iges file with many lines as you can see in the attachment. I want assign the lines with beam property. The problem I get is that when I use 'line mesh' with pbeaml(beam section is a circle) , bar2, and auto settings, some lines can't be assign the property correctly, as you can see in the .png file(the picture). I guess the direction of the beamsection is not correctly set, because when I analysis it by optistruct, I get an error that the 6~8 field of cbeam is zero length. But I want if there any method can generate what I want correctly. I want analysis a more complex lattice model(with lines in all direction), and before this I use this simple model as a practise. Thank you for you time, and any advise will be appreciate. grid_lattice.igs
  22. I'm looking for other software that can turn a lattice optimized model from HyperMesh, to a printable .stl file other than 3-MaticSTL. Preferably opensource/ free. We don't have the partner alliance software and so don't have Materialize software. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hi, I've successfully created a model optimised using lattice capabilities in HyperMesh. The model contains areas of solid and lattice structures. I am attempting to export this into 3-matic and convert to an .stl file. The first process I tried was: Exporting the lattice HM file to .fem with a Filetype= Optistruct and Template=Long. I imported the .fem file into 3-matic using the remesh module. This worked well for the first time I used 3-matic and showed the lattice clearly. I am now trying again and the lattice is not showing at all in 3-matic, even with the exact file that worked the first time. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Lattice density

    Hello, I have a question about the new function topology optimization with lattice: Can the lattice density be variable? I saw that I can set the bounds of density where to put the lattice structure, but has it all the same structure? or can the lattice structure be variable with the density? Thanks
  25. Lattice Opt fails

    Hi everyone I'm currently doing the lattice optimization tutorial and I'm having issues with running the .fem file in Optistruct. I keep getting error 1484: *** ERROR # 1485 *** in the input data: Field 2 contains unrecognized label. Solver FAILED optistruct:: Solver run finished. OR *** See next message about line 67 from file: Lattice_02.fem (this is continuation line 1 of DTPL,1 bulk data) "+ LATTICE 1 0.050 0.80" *** ERROR # 1484 *** in the input data: Field 3 contains embedded blank(s). Solver FAILED optistruct:: Solver run finished. Or some version thereof. Depending on the amount of spaces I put in it changes from field 2 to field 3 or 4. I'm running Hyperworks 13 with the 13.0.210 solver patch installed. Thanks in advance. Lasse