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  1. Hi. I am a university user and recently signed up for the student version of Altair hyper works. I received an email with links for download. However, when I click on the links, the download begins and goes towards completion (100%) but as soon as it hits 100%, the download fails with a 'Failed - Download Error'. This is for all links that were sent to me including Hyperworks student edition 2017, solidthinking student edition, Hyperworks student edition 2014 etc. Any way around this?
  2. Hello, I downloaded the student version of hyperworks but I had a license issue. So I uninstalled it by going to Control Panel -> programm -> uninstall programm and then I installed it again. However, when I look for hyperworks in the computer it does not find it, I can not even start the program. So I tried to uninstalled it but it did not work. Can you tell me how I can uninstall this version of my computer? thank you
  3. I've recently installed Altair HyperWorks Student Edition 17.0 and I get the error which details are in the attached log file 1.log
  4. Hello I have a problem with hyperworks 17 student version. I have installed the version with valid license. When I opened the hyperworks the window shows for few seconds then closes automatically....Please help me to solve this issue, thanks
  5. Hello I have a problem with hyperworks 17 student version. I have installed the version with valid license. When I opened the hyperworks the window shows for few seconds then closes automatically....Please help me to solve this issue, thanks
  6. The installation works correctly, I've tried running as administrator, reinstalling, uninstalling, rebooting, running with and without the license file. The program loads for a moment and them the process just dies, sometimes windows says there was an error, others it just fails. It does install the program and I can open the help files and license manager, but the programs themselves, FEKO, POSTFEKO and CADFEKO don't open. This is a windows 7 64bit PC with 32Gb of ram. What could be causing this, and how to fix it? Any help is highly appreciated!
  7. Hi everybody, I've just downloaded the full HyperWorks 14.0 Suite on my MacBook from connect.altair.com. I had requested a Student Version but I found out that this is not available for Mac users on this version and so I received a temporary full license. After installing all the three files (hwdesktop, solvers and solid thinking) plus the license manager, I can not find out why the software is still not working. For example, if I click on HyperMesh icon I see the icon appears and disappears immediately from the dock. This happens for all the softwares installed. By the way, I am able to open HyperMath, almutil, Evolve, rQ and Inspire. However, I need the others mostly. I've received the license file, renamed it in altair_lic.dat and placed in the directory Altair HyperWorks/14.0/altair/security/altair_lic.dat as suggested in the website. Moreover, if I open almutil I see the license with the right expiring date and the EthernetID is correct. I don't really know where the problem could be and I hope somebody will help me. Best regards, Marco
  8. "Updating" to HyperWorks 14.0

    Hello, in the past few weeks I had HyperWorks 13.0 installed. Today I installed the new version. When I open the program, there is an Error coming up which says: Altair License Manager: License error Feature: GlobalZoneEU Error Code: 9 Error Description: [LOCAL] C:/Program Files/Altair/14.0-edu/security/altair_lic.dat - (Err: 9) Feature not found Feature: HyperMesh Error Code: 9 Error Description: [LOCAL] C:/Program Files/Altair/14.0-edu/security/altair_lic.dat - (Err: 9) Feature not found License Path: C:/Program Files/Altair/14.0-edu/security/altair_lic.dat I copied the same license that I had for 13.0 in the folder of the version 14.0. Do I have to go to the shop and "buy" another one? What else do I have to do? I also unistalled the version 13.0. Please help me!
  9. In the /script/Acusim.cnf file of the installation - try adding: ensight = "absolute path to ensight8.bat" (You could also add this in your 'user' Acusim.cnf or the project Acusim.cnf. For example, on Windows: ensight = C:\Program Files\CEI\bin\ensight8.bat
  10. With this version of Ensight, you may need to create the environment variable ENSIGHT8_READER and set the value to the full path to the /script/ directory of the AcuSolve installation.
  11. Some programs in the AcuSolve installation require libstdc++.so.5. This library is present on most Linux systems as part of the GNU C compiler collection. However, newer Linux kernels are updating to libstdc++.so.6, which is not compatible with the AcuSolve installation. To resolve this issue, users need to install the libstdc++.so.5 library. This can typically be found using the package manager, or by doing a google search for libstdc++ and the name of your Linux flavor/version. These libraries can be downloaded from the various repositories on the web. For 64 bit SuSe Linux, the package may be obtained from the following link: http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/4/idpl/7968158/com/compat-libstdc++-5.0.7-121.1.x86_64.rpm.html For Ubuntu and other Debian systems, the following link can be used to search for "libstdc++.so.5" in the "Search the contents of packages" field: http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages A direct link to the debian package download is shown below (contained in the most recent debian version as of the date this is being posted): http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/libstdc++5