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Found 473 results

  1. Hi. I am new to this software and i got an error which read: *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 4. The element in question is a CTRIA element.
  2. Hi every one. I was working for a 3D model, where i want to assign the composite material like e-glass epoxy with different fiber angles at different regions (for example like leaf springs). I wanted it to do with 3D elements, with including the contact non linearity. Can it possible, i have done for 2D elements by creating the plys and assigning the thickness. but looking forward to do over with 3D elements. please suggest. Thanks & regards,
  3. Jack Vincent

    Keyboard Mapping

    I'm trying to map 'mask' 'reverse all' to a key. I have managed to map 'mask' to a key using hm_pushpanel{mask} but that only takes me to that menu. Does anyone know how to map the 'reverse all' button to a key so that I can toggle between what I have masked and what it unmasked?
  4. C8H18

    Skateboard Tutorial

    Hello I'm new to Hyperworks and would like to learn via tutorials, especially Optistuct and Hypermesh for ply and composite analysis and optimisation. I've found a .pdf file and heard about a skateboard tutorial but I can't find the tutorial files anywhere. I'm using Hyperworks 14 (non student edition, I believe). I would be happy if someone could help me with this. Pascal
  5. hello, How to find element size and mesh setting used for already meshed part. Thanks in advance
  6. How to evenly apply a 100N force on a 50mm square surface as a pressure on hypermesh??
  7. Hi all, Am writing a script which builds a number of loadcollectors and loadsteps. What I would like is a script which interrogates the loadcollector, gets its name and then creates a loadstep with the same name. I can build the loadcollectors and the loadstep but I am missing the interrogation bit. Cheers Andy
  8. Dario Alonso


    Hello, I am creating a model for a carbon fibre impact attenuator. I need to align the orientation of the elements to make the simulation. As you can see on the figure 1 all the elements are align in X direction except the elements of the fron face. When i select this elements and i change its direction (figure 2) change all the model as you can see in figure 3. I tried to do it from diffrent ways but anything works. How can i align the elements of the front face without change the other elements orientation?
  9. Hello, I am new to Altair Hyperworks and am trying to run the tutorials for the Fatigue process. I have watched a couple videos on the process and then I went to run the same tutorial myself and I get this error when I run hyperworks>tools>fatigue process>new I was wondering if there is an installation guide for creating this file/directory because I can not seem to find it in the documentations. Thank you, Morgan
  10. Piyush4

    Hypermesh GUI Fails/Drawbacks

    Hello Developers, I need to confirm an issue persisting in Hypermesh (All Versions). Issue : When I am changing user profiles multiple times with the help of GUI provided by Hypermesh. There arises a case when this GUI behaves unexpectedly. After changing User profile for more than 8-10 times. The GUI starts behaving unexpectedly. (Click Something , It Responds with something else) None of the Button in Menu bar is working rather they are affecting/changing Buttons Area/Frame Area in GUI. Kindly, revert me with any information regarding this issue. Thanks in advance for your valuable time. Regards Piyush
  11. HI all, I am examining one of my .dat file which i exported from HM. Image attached below is an example of my quality criteria. From the above, i need to Warpage, Aspect Ratio, Skew, Lengths, Angles (all 4) Instead of checking the element quality from HM, is there any options to find the 2D element quality from .dat file. Thanks, Prabhu P
  12. Hi guys, I find there is some bug in tatramesh with hm 2017 while it is ok in hm14.0. For the same solid, after I split it with same params, and then mesh the solid body, the number of node and elements are different each time in hypermesh 2017.2; But in hm 14, It OK The steps I do as follow: 1\open hypermesh 2\import utg model (attachment) 3\split the solid with X-plane-(0 0 0) 4\mesh the solids 5\remember the number of the node and elements 6\repeat 1-5 and compare with the first number. How to fix this problem ? Thanks . solidTest_ug.prt tetrameshProplem.wmv
  13. alexdonner

    Rhino to Hypermesh Metadata

    Hi all, I'm working on a project right now and trying to figure out how to see all the notes saved on the Rhino model in Hypermesh. I've tried using the hm_metadata command but it only returns the notes applied to the whole model. Is there any other metadata command or an option I can add to hm_metadata to see the attributes given to individual solids/surfaces/points? Are these attributes even carried over in the IGES file? Thank you in advance, Alex
  14. Hello, I was wondering how the query commands are used in Hypermesh. For example, if I wanted to use the query command hm_getnodessharedbyothercomps, where would I apply this command in Hypermesh and how could I see the resulting node IDs? Thank you in advance, Alex
  15. I am Having toruble importing a tetra mesh into Hypermesh. It is separating the shell mesh from the 3d mesh. The error it shows is: Error: Element type C3D5 is not currently supported by Hypermesh Resolution: Edit the deck to include these elements back. How Can I solve this? Please help
  16. etrud011

    Error Setting up framework

    Hello, When I try to open up hypermesh I get the following error: Error setting up framework: can't read "p_array(Model)":no such element in array while executing "raise $p_array($pagename)" (object"::HM_Framework::NotebookObj1" method "::HM_Framework::TGF_NotebookClass::ActivatePage" body line 3) invoked from within "$nb_obj ActivatePage $activeTabTitle" (procedure "p_InstallNotebookTabs" line 36) invoked from within "p_InstallNotebookTabs" (procedure "::HM_Framework::p_FinishInit" line 22) invoked from within "::HM_Framework::p_FinishInit" I uninstalled and then reinstalled Altair on my computer but the problem still persists. I also tried to remove the hmmenu.st files but that also did not work. What should I do to resolve this problem? Thank you -Eric
  17. sonu kumar

    Nearest nodes

    how to find nearest node in hypermesh. A command or any macro that should search a tolerance of distance like within radius of 30 and then find nodes within that perimeter . lets say, should find nodes adjacent to it.
  18. good afternoon, colleagues! i'd prepeared model for optistruct, and i tryed to converte it to radioss. convert->optistruct->radioss. but card contact pairs (freeze) haven't rewritten correct. i was trying to remake it again in radioss module, so i can't find "magic bottom"))) Does contact browser (automatic contact) not work in Radioss module? thanks.
  19. how to run a script in batchmode (hypermesh ,hyperview) in windows system
  20. We are trying to analyze composite PIPE. When creating a cylinder surface and simply creating Piles and Laminates, it is stacked with the surface as an intermediate plane as shown in the attached image. (Cylindrical surface is white line) For example, are there methods such as stacking layers from the outermost layer toward the inside? (I do not want to change the diameter of the cylinder)
  21. Hi there! I have the following issue: In order to model a 2D airfoil with the help of several points I would like to import a ".dat file" that contains all the point coordinates for the airfoil surface. Is there a possible way to import these data directly without any file transformation? In addition, I would really like to know if it's possible, and if yes how, to connect all the airfoil surface points together with a SMOOTH and nice spline instead of strange linear splines? Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards Martin
  22. Steffen_M

    Drape Estimator - How to export !?

    Hey, Is there a possibility to export the results of the "Drape Estimation" (elements or surface of the Flat Shapes) ? Obviously there is a graphic result, but its neither elements nor a surface. thanks
  23. I got a *.dyn file from sheet forming results, how could I to map the thickness property on another mesh file which is continuous in one component.
  24. Alec Maxwell

    Command file does not exist

    Hi all, I am pretty new to Hypermesh and would like to understand some of the tcl commands that can modify my Hypermesh models so that I can eventually write tcl scripts that will automatically take care of some processes for me. From the documentation it says that all commands that are being executed when interacting with the Hypermesh GUI will be written to the command file, and that this is a good way to investigate and understand what is going on when a user is interacting with the Hypermesh GUI. Problem is that when I attempt to open the command file I get an error saying that the command file does not exist. So my question has two parts. One, are my interactions with the Hypermesh GUI being recorded at all, and if they are where are they being written to. Second, is there an option within Hypermesh where I can tell the program to write the commands to a TCL script that I have created. Thank you in advance for your help. - Alec Maxwell
  25. Jaimit Gandhi

    Load Steps

    I am creating MSC Nastran input deck using HyperMesh. I have the model where I want to apply multiple loads in steps. Step-1 Bolt Preload Step-2 External Force on model holding the preload applied in Step1 Step-3 No load at all but bolt preload If I create different loadsteps from Utility, it seems they are going under different subcases, and in such scenario the loads would not be dependent. Each subcase would be treated as different simulation, wouldn't it? So my question is how do I create sequential steps? The .dat file should look like below. Sol 400 CEND STRAIN(PLOT)=ALL STRESS(PLOT)=ALL DISPLACEMENT(PLOT)=ALL FORCE(PLOT)=ALL ANALYSIS = NLSTATICS NLSTEP = 1 STEP 1 SPC = 1 LOAD = 1 STEP 2 SPC = 2 Load = 2 STEP 3 SPC = 2 BEGIN BULK $----------------------------------------------------------$