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Found 417 results

  1. I would like to get the name or the ID of component in which node by using node ID. #25 is node ID *createmark nodes 1 25 set nodeID [ hm_getmark nodes 1] *createmark comps 1 "by node" 25 set compName [hm_getmark comps1] Above two line are giving error, as component name is not possible to get through node. Is there any other way to get this done? Thank you.
  2. Hey! Is there any way to scale single loads, load collectors or load steps in HyperMesh using Optistruct as the solver? Ich can't really find anything. All I found was "use the LOAD controll card". I found it via 'controll cards -->global_case_control --> Load' but it seems that this one just gives the Loadcas ID.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a .bdf file (the solver deck file required for NASTRAN). Hypermesh creates this file by the export process. My work requires that I edit the .bdf text, but also use the graphical features of Hypermesh. I would like to find a way of retaining user-added comments in the .bdf. Let me explain: 1. Create mesh 2. Export as .bdf 3. Comment the .bdf file appropriately -BUT- 4. When I re-import to HM and export, my comments are removed. Is there a way to keep them? Hypermesh will keep comments that are attached to material properties (for example, if I add a comment to a MAT1 card, they will stay with import/export) Thanks for any help!
  4. Ducret

    Mesh with nodes

    Hi, I am a beginner pon hypermesh and i have a question, how can i mesh using nodes i have already place? I send a picture for a better understanding. Then i do not remember how can i put thicknesses on midsurface? THanks you in advance 2018-05-13_13-08-01.pdf
  5. How to apply time varying pressure load in radioss ?I wanted to apply a load on a surface which is time varying in nature.For the same i am applying in the form of pressure how to apply and what points need to take care ?
  6. syed shaeed sh


  7. Hi, what is the procedure to transfer MBD models created in Hypermesh to Motionview and vice versa?
  8. Hallo, i want to sort the standard parts in my Model with an tcl script. So I want to mirror all standard parts into a Assembly with the Name "300". Further i need sub assemblies for all Screws, Nuts and Washers. For example the structure looks like this: 300 (standard parts) -301 (screws) -303 (nuts) -305 (washer) Furthermore the Comp should exist in the root assembly and in the new assembly. Could anybody help me with this Problem?
  9. Hi. I'm working on a vehicle frame. I supposed mechanical connections (between the tubes) as rigid elements (rbe2). But I wanted to take into account the mass of these connections. Rigid elements don't have any mass so I created concentrated mass on the independent nodes. In that way, I thought CONM2 elements were connected to the structure. But, I didn't notice any change on frame behavior (stress and displacement). I tried to add inertia properties (Card Edit>>elements>>Edit>>CONT), but it failed. I'd like to add masses that are taken into account in the post processing results... Thank you in advance
  10. sir, for Modal and Stiffness(torsional and bending) analysis of ladder frame chassis,  is there any significant difference in results when I use stick contact between frame and cross-members or when I use shell/rigid weld elements to connect cross-members and long members?

    1. Mahesh Agrani

      Mahesh Agrani

      I am trying to find out optimum location of cross-members wrt Long members. The cross-members are bolted to brackets+crossmembers whose locations are varied using hyperstudy. Will there be any effect on above responses if I use Stick contact between brackets (+cross-members bolted) and long members while varying their location?

  11. Hi all, I'd like to create a script which selects 2d elements of less than 5mm and then displays the element numbers on screen. Any ideas anyone? Much appreciated Andy
  12. Hi all, I'd like to create a script which selects 2d elements of less than 5mm and then displays the element numbers on screen. Any ideas anyone? Much appreciated Andy
  13. Udhay Rohith

    HM file

    Hi, Can somebody please tell where I can find this example file?
  14. Steffen_M

    Drape Estimator - How to export !?

    Hey, Is there a possibility to export the results of the "Drape Estimation" (elements or surface of the Flat Shapes) ? Obviously there is a graphic result, but its neither elements nor a surface. thanks
  15. Prabhu

    creating node with node number

    HI all, I am creating a node using the command " *createnode x y x " When i switch on the node number, it shows as 1. Is it possible to create a node using command with specific node number (say 501) If so, please let me know the command..
  16. ank

    Weld modelling

    How to model fillet weld in the model? How to model welding in assembly?How to connect the components which are connected by welding?
  17. baozaizhang

    Problem in using solid map

    In Fig. 1, it is a screenshot of a 3D solid that I plan to mesh, I have a very thin slice at the top (please see circled region in Fig. 2). 1. I meshed the top surface as shown in Fig. 3. 2. I plan to use solidmap to mesh the top slice first, and then mesh the rest of the 3D solid. I select all the surface elements as my source elements, I select the bottom of the top slice as my destination surface. I select one side surface as my "along geom" (as shown in Fig. 4) 3. After I click mesh, an error message shows up "Term-face-edge has a srong side-face edge idx" and several faces become white as shown in Fig. 5. Would you please tell me what is the reason for this? By the way, I first have a rectangular cross section and then I cut the four corners to make it like this. Thank you very much for your help. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5
  18. Hi everybody i would perform a simulation of a lifeboat ditching, like in the tutorials where is used an ALE approximation, but using the SPH approximation, smoothed particle hydrodynamics. Does anyone know how build a sph model in hypermesh and solve it with radioss? Are any kind of tutorial about SPH simulation online? i was not able find it anywhere... Thank you!!!
  19. Hello everyone , while i made mid surface in manually (its means small edges toggle ) its automatically transparency decreases , its transparency decrease plastic component , i will do every time after made mid surface we manually increase transparency .how to switch off automatically decrease transparency or give me any valuable comments . Thanks mid_s.hm
  20. Hi together, i am trying to couple different simulations. Therefore i am searching for a method to map results eg. stress (referenced to cartesian coordinates) to equivalent nodes in hypermesh (model/mesh is representing the same geometry) for setting up a new optimization with optistruct. Thanks a lot Björn
  21. Hello, I am trying to adjust the mesh size in a cylindrical object. Is it possible to vary the mesh size in a 3D object. Using tetramesh, when I select the mesh size to 4, the whole solid is selected but I only want one part of the object to have a mesh size of 4, and the rest to remain at 5 or 6. Please tell me how I can do this. Thank you Kind Regards
  22. Nestor

    3D mesh refinement workflow

    Hi All, I made a mesh using volume tetra and I want to further refine it. How do I use the tetra mesh parameters menu to do this (assuming this is the way to do this)? One of my main goals is to add more layers of elements through the thickness of the whole part, so I thought I could use the "Number of layers" option, and then chose a refinement box that is bigger that my part (i.e. that it encloses my part), and then I thought the next step would be using the tetra remesh menu to remesh everything, but this workflow is not working. I'm probably not using menus within the tretra mesh panel correctly, so what exactly is the workflow of tetra mesh refining other than using proximity and curvature in the volume tetra menu? One aspect that confuses me in the tetra mesh parameters menu is that it only asks for a refinement box: but once I choose my parameters and my refinement box, how to I "apply" this this refinement? Again, my goal is to add more elements through the thickness of my part, which why I specified number of layers = 4. thanks!
  23. pramod1314

    Simply support boundary condition

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering what constraint, shall i assign for simply support condition (Hypermesh/optistruct) to a beam for modal analysis? Thank you for taking your precious time to reply. - Pramod
  24. Roshni

    Horn Antenna Mesh

    How do I create mesh for horn antenna?
  25. Hello, I am using VWT to access to the surface pressures on a model. These are then to be exported and applied to the model within HyperMesh via linear interpolation. I recently came to realise that if I move the model in VWT then the nodal pressure coordinates that I can then export to a .txt file are wrong. They do not align with the nodal coordinates of the model within HyperMesh, but refer to the region of space that they occupy in VWT. Thus, you must translate and rotate the model in HyperMesh first. This is justifiable and works for just one loading scenario. The problem I am having is that I wish to do a weighted compliance topology optimisation with multiple loading scenarios that require the angle of incidence of the flow to change. Therefore, if I rotate the model, the pressure files nodal coordinates will change and I will not be able to use the same hypermesh file (as it will have to be rotated accordingly too). So, is there a way to change the direction of the flow or rotate the windtunnel within VWT - so that my model can stay constrained in its geometrical space but the loading scenario can change? Thank you in advance.