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  1. Hi, this is my first post and I have a question about Hypergraph. I would like to plot Z displacements on Y axis and nodes ID in X axis, my problem is to change X axis data ! Who can help me please ? I use op2 file to plot my results on hypergraph. Regards
  2. T01 not working on hypergraph

    Hello , i hope you guys doing well , Actually i generated my T01 file and exported it to hypergraph , After opening my T01 file, I tried to draw the kinetic energy curve but when I click on apply the curve is not displayed. I don't know where is the issue. I appreciate your help , thank you ! Best regards, hmmenT01 EDIT : PROBLEM SOLVED
  3. I want to capture the animation for crash simulation with crash and IE side by side. While playing the animation, I am able to see the marker but when I goes to capture animation in any format (eg. .avi), animation I get not shows the marker progressive position. Please help us with the same.
  4. HyperGraphのウィンドウをアクティブにしてから、File⇒Export⇒Curves機能で出力することが出来ます。 なお、複数のカーブが存在する場合は、"Export Format"の項目を"CSV Blocks"にするのがオススメです。
  5. For example, I'm doing a frf on a 17-node model and I want to get the magnitude-and-phase response separated by columns and by nodes from all nodes, how do I create a pattern to just run it without having to extract the answer node by node? For models with more elements this takes a lot of time.
  6. I ran for SOL111 single subcase, in nastran 2013, output file <.pch>. I tried importing in hypergraph but got following error. " Error: Blocks present in the file <filename.pch> are not currently supported.!". Please help.
  7. FRF as complex number

    Hi, I'm doing FRF direct with OptiStruct. When I extract the answers in HyperGraph, the magnitude and phase appear separately, how can I get this answer as a complex number?
  8. Hi all, I am looking for post processing options in Hyperview tool, came across this following tutorial (page 321 and Topic 10: Graphical display): http://www.altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Student_Guide_307-342.pdf In the tutorial, they have mentioned Depending on the kind of information you may specify “Node Path”, I could not find this option on Hyperview, do we have any pre requisite for this step to be mentioned before analysis? Need your help to extract the similar graph for my model. Thanks in advance Regards, Sachin
  9. sir, where can i find full vehicle file of taurus for crash in radioss forum?

  10. Hello, I'm trying to get in Hypergraph (T01 file) the results (stress, strain mainly) for composite material (Law 25 CRASURV Formulation). HyperGraph gives me results in two possible coordinate systems: - Default: Element Coordinate System - Skew: Coordinate system for stress output set by user I want that Hypergraph give me stress in a material coordinate system. For example, if I want hypergraph plot sigma X, I want to be sure that Hypergraph is plotting stress in the direction of the fiber (UD Example). In short, I want to know if it is possible for Hypergraph to plot the results in the material coordinate system such as Hyperview can do when Resolved In: Ply System is selected. Thank you in advance
  11. What is the format file to import in Hyperview NVH Utility for Modal participation Analysis? & What are the cards to activate to extract the output format for modal participation factor analysis from Normal modal analysis / FRF analysis ??
  12. Which format file we can import in Hyperview NVH Utility for Modal participation Analysis? & What are the cards to activate to extract the output format for modal participation factor analysis from Normal modal analysis / FRF analysis ??
  13. IFFT

    Hello , I have a single displacement Vs. frequency signal derived by performing certain operations. How do I convert this back to time domain. If its iift what's the function and curve parameter to enter in Hyergraph (x and y) . If I have to extract mag and phase out of the single curve how do I do it in hypergraph(Altair).. Kindly help. Thanks Regards Subbu
  14. Stiffness matrix

    Hi, I extracted stiffness matrix using DMIG . How to identify the stiffness value of the node and direction and matrix size in .pch file? Pls refer the attached image for reference.
  15. statistics

    is it possible to do a cora analysis in hypergraph? (I have a ref curve and 2 other curves and need to quantify how good are these 2 curve in terms of shape with the ref curve) Thanks in advance
  16. How i can connect these curve together?. I would like to integrate this curve in order to get the energy absorption value but, i cant
  17. Hi friends can help me to plot hic plots please give example file if u have Thanks in advance.
  18. Export files

    Hello, I am doing an analysis with 130,000 points in hyperworks (FRF and Transient) and when I open in Hypergrah and try to save in csv (excel) excel file does not show me point to point but up to 65,000 only, ie it is grouping a Response in pairs. How could I save the 130,000 points?
  19. Hi , Can anyone explain how to calculate / Plot dynamic stiffness from frequency response analysis in Optistruct?
  20. Hello, While calculating the actual draw tonnage for the setup given in (ref.) IMAGE 1 ( O.K. in FLD & %Thinning), I have following doubts in calculation of the tonnage calculation in HyperGraph as: 1. In forming setup the binder force is 15T is used, but in the hypergraph it is showing more that 20T , so which should be consider as actual or required binder force to freeze the model setup? 2. How to calculate the actual Draw tonnage from the die(upper steel) & blank contact graph as shown in the IMAGE 2, i.e. which of the following point should select to define the required draw tonnage from die(upper steel) & blank contact curve (Ref. IMAGE 2)= A. At the End point i.e. complete bottoming stage? or B. At the Point where maximum tonnage is showing in the graph for the die(upper steel) & blank contact curve?
  21. Plots from NLGEOM Analysis with CNTNLSUB

    Hello Everybody, I've been struggling with NLGEOM analysis with CNTNLSUB since yesterday and I still don't understand a few things. What I want to do is to load a steel plate for 1 s and in the next step to unload it. I load the structure with one Force in Z direction NLOAD in the subcase 310. NLOAD activates TABLED1 where the basic linear function is defined x=0, y=0; x=1, y=1. In the next subcase 311 I use CNTNLSUB = YES, the same SPC and the same NLPARM. The nonly difference is that I do not define any load, since it should be the step, where the structure is being unloaded. Below you can find the plots I got and short descriptions of respective graphs. On the Displacement - Force plot, you can see a discontinuity between the curve belonging to the SUBCASE 310 (loading) and SUBCASE 311 (unloading). What is more, the force increases in the second step despite the lack of any loading force. The force is being increased up to 8000 N, which is a doubled value of the load defined in the first step. On the Time-Displacement plot the curve is continuos. However, the displacement is being increased till the end of the simulation (as expected based on the graph Displacement - Force). The Time-Load graph shows discontinuity again. In the beginning of unloading step, the force seems to be 0 N and than in the next increment gets back immidiately to the value, as if it was being increased, according tothe linear function present in the loading step. I would be grateful for some hints / tipps / explanation, where I make a mistake and if it is possible to create a proper loading - unloading time dependent simulation in two subcases with use of CNTNLSUB. You can find my input-deck in the attachment. nlgeom_4060_H380LAD_0p6mm_1300_CNTNL_test_01.fem
  22. Element Deletion

    Hi, How to calculate the no of elements after the simulation on hyperview. I want to know in my simulation if any element has been deleted.
  23. Hi, In explicit dynamic run using Radioss, i am trying to output energy plot . I have defined TH/PART in a deck file. Whenever i am trying to load *.T01 file into Hypergraph, its showing following error - (refer attached image) Please help in this problem.
  24. Graph

    I am trying to view the force vs Time graph after an impact analysis. i get a smooth curve with a peak. I have two questions, 1) How do I get the exact value of the time at which I get Max value? 2) For any other graph how do I check the value of any other parameter at this Time? Thanks, Datta