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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am working on an FE model containing beams that have a square (or rectangular) cross-section. As a first example, I used a beam with a square cross-section. Each side measures 20e-2m. When I export my model in LS-DYNA format, I see that a *SECTION_BEAM keyword is created. I understand well the first parameters from secid to itt, but I can't understand how the j parameter is computed. Using Hypermesh for a square cross-section with a 20e-2m side, I have J=2.25310E-4m^4. However, when I try to find this value again using formulas from the wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torsion_constant), I can't find the exact same value. Depending on the used formula, I either find J = 2.25000E-4 m^4, J = 2.25600E-4 m^4 or J = 2.25333E-4 m^4. These values are close (especially the last one), but still they're not equal to the one given by Hypermesh. Right now, it might not be seen as a problem, but what if the values become too different if I use other cross-section values? That's why I need to understand what Hypermesh does. I have searched the Hypermesh documentation but I didn't find any information about how this value is computed. And I need it to understand this because I want to run comparisons between commercial solvers and personal codes. Does anyone have a hint about how to find this value? Thank you in advance, Corentin.
  2. Hi everyone, i am doing an size optimization with mass reduction as objective. Elem type is pbeam. I am asking myself, if there is any possibility with hyperbeam for choosing the best profileshape (rectangle, I-Profile, U-Profile..) with its specific features (moment of inertia, area..) automatically? As a kind of designvar.. Thanks a lot guys, Lasko
  3. mano112aprmw

    'Z' cross section in Hyperbeam

    How to get 'Z' cross section in Hyperbeam?
  4. arh423

    Change Beam Section Origin

    Hey, when connecting my Beam Section(created with Hyperbeam) to my 1d elements the shear center of my profil is aligned on the origin of my 1D Element. Is there any option to choose an other axis of the profil to align on the element origin? Thank you.
  5. Hello, i've modelled a frame with beam elements, beam sections were set with hyperbeam and attached to the right properties. The properties are added to the right components. Now i have noticed, that in one of my two loadsteps (both static, both with only one force and a few constraints) the displacement won't change, if i change the beam sections affected by the load. The other loadstep is affected by a change of loaded beam sections. Can't figure out my mistake, analysis runs fine without errors. Is there something i'm missing? BR mechengstud
  6. How can you define the location of the shear center within a given profile cross section? To do so, please go to 1D --> Hyperbeam. This is an application within HyperMesh to define cross sections and determine their properties. The cross section can be either chosen from a pre-defined library (e.g. I, T or H cross sections). But you can also define own cross sections based on geometry or elemental input. The latter is done in the Hyperbeam submenu "Shell section" (for thin-walled cross sections made of sheet metal) or "Solid section" (for solid cross sections). After hitting "create" you will see the HyperBeam View with all the necessary information on your cross section, including the position of the shear center. To leave the HyperBeam view, go to the model browser and hit the "model view" button (left-most icon on top of the model browser). You can always return to the HyperBeam View, also via the icon on the model browser to review your defined sections. Jan
  7. ahunterEB

    Hyperbeam Product of Inertia

    Having trouble matching the area product of inertia calculation in hyperbeam for a tube section with rounded corners on two opposing corners. I have built this section with the shell and solid section methods and both give me a different result than what I have calculated by hand with the exact geometry. Anyone seen this, know what's going on?
  8. Hi all, I need to create beam elements for an already existing geometry which consists of an open channel with following features: 1. arbitrary cross section; 2. the cross section is variable along the beam length (axis), and 3. beam axis is an arbitrary curve (instead of a straight line). I have seen a tutorial in HyperMesh which give details about how to define beam by creating a section geometry (standard). However I am looking for a method to import a shell geometry into hypermesh, and ask hyperbeam to generate the beam definitions from this arbitrary geometry (beam nodes and elements). Is it possible to use hyperbeam for this purpose? Best regards, Mubeen.