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  1. Force Import from FLUX

    Hi, it is possible to export the forces computed in flux and import the values found, node per node in a HM model? i need to create a link between this softwares. Thanks!
  2. Anisotropic Magnet

    Hi, How compute the correct behaviour of an anisotropic magnet in 3D during the solve? Grazie!
  3. Hello, I can't solve the problem with model prepared in HyperMesh and exported to Flux. Model consists of two cylindrical coils on yoke, a solid conductor below them and the surrounding tetrameshed air. Analysis is set to magnetostatic. There is no non-linearity in any material Chesk physics doesn't give any error. Whenever I start to solve problem, Flux gives: "End of physical check. 12:03:00 9 sec. Start save ... 12:03:00 9 sec. ... end save Active formulation(s) : MS3SCRHJ : Magnetostatic scalar potential reduced versus Hj formulation MS3SCA : Magnetostatic total scalar potential formulation Matrix system : linear, real, symmetrical 12:03:01 10 sec. Start solving problem ... Step number 1 Non managed error which has stopped solving process 12:03:02 11 sec. Start reading ... 12:03:03 12 sec. ... end reading 12:03:03 12 sec. ... end solving problem. Closing project Close of E:/(.....) ... end closing project Can not execute the following command : Scenario['REFERENCEVALUES'].solve(projectName='proba.FLU') executeAlgo_c : Execution failed. Failed execution executeAlgo_c => failedstdcom.error.SoftwareFortranException: executeAlgo_c : Execution failed.Failed execution . . . quite long list of which execution has failed. Closing project ... end closing project Maximum use of 3623 MiB. in numerical memory For the dynamic table ID 1127406 Maximum use of 6 MiB. in character memory For the dynamic table ID 1073214 NUMZM ADRES SUIV PREC CODE LONG UID PROP4 ... 1 5 6 4 R08 5 0 0 2 1 5 5 C80 8 0 0 4 2941622223 1 6 R08 5 0 0 5 5496560 2 2 C80 8 0 0 6 5 4 1 I04 2 600037 0 Numerical memory: Total length =2941622222 (8 byte words) Present length = 600041 Useful length = 600041 Number of numerical arrays = 3 Character memory: Total length = 5496559 (80 byte words) Present length = 0 Useful length = 0 Number of character arrays = 2 Maximum number of arrays (num+char) = 100006" Any idea where could be the problem? Thanks Piotr
  4. FLUX Tutorial

    Dear All, I want to make electrical simulation combine with thermal (heat transfer) aspect on complex assembly. I've made the FE model with hypermesh optistruct profile and export as .fem file, but I can not import it to FLUX. Is there any way to do it? Please, need your advise. Thank you, Best regards, Iron_Man
  5. Problem importing FLUX file

    Hi, I'm trying to import a file from FLUX software, I export the geometry from FLUX in .IGES and .STEP. In both extension the imported geometry in hypermesh is uncomplete, some solids there are, other no. some lines are ok, other are free lines with no connection. I found a lot of problem in rebuilt the geometry with no succes. How can i fix this problem? is there someone how can works with both programs with no problems? Grazie!
  6. Hi! When you import a FLUX object in your project, if there are common parameters, with the same name, the software automatically changes the name of one, adding suffix "001". For example: I have the parameter <H = 5> in my "toimport.FLU" project, and the same <H = 5> in my "main.FLU" project. When I import "toimport.FLU" in "main.FLU" he automatically create the parameters <H = 5> and <H001 = 5>. There is a way to not let FLUX doing this? i'd like to have only one parameter <H=5> for all the project. Grazie!
  7. Flux simulation solving error

    Could someone help me understand the following error? Im new to flux and this is the first simulation i tried to make. INFINITE: This region is not completely characterized In Physical, [MODIFY] [REG_SURF] [ELECTROSTAT_AXI] Impossible to solve problem
  8. Flux simulation

    When closing sketcher context i receive the following error. Am i doing something wrong? Method "glGenBuffersARB" not available
  9. Flux simulation materials

    Going to materials in the physics tab i only see the option new b(h) curve. I want to add a new material but the option isn't there. Did i do something wrong in the simulation or maybe have a setting wrong?
  10. In order to compute accurately the force on a part using the virtual works method, the part must be surrounded by air. There can be massive regions or thin regions of vacuum type. Theoretical explanations about virtual work method can be found in the online help: file:///C:/Altair/Flux_12.2/Help/Flux/english/Website/InterpretationDesResultats3DEnergieForceCouple.html?key=results energie torque force
  11. This question is frequently asked because three current sources in star connection can lead to convergence problems (and as well three voltage sources in delta connection). This configuration imposes more equations than there are unknowns to find during the solving process. The easiest solution to avoid this issue is to model only two sources instead of three. The voltage or current on the third branch will be imposed by the two others, and the computation will be correct. Flux online help explains it with more details: file:///C:/Altair/Flux_12.2/Help/Flux/english/Website/index.html?SourceDeTensionTriphaseeEnTriangle file:///C:/Altair/Flux_12.2/Help/Flux/english/Website/SourceDeCourantTriphaseEnEtoile.html?key=current sources It is also correct to model the three current sources, but a high resistance must be added in parallel with the 3rd part of the star connection.
  12. The macros enable the user to regroup the frequently used commands in an extension integrated into the software. You can build up a macro instead of manually executing a series of repetitive actions in Flux, which you will then be able to call regularly. A macro is interesting because it can encapsulate within a new command a series of repetitive operations and thus improve the quality and efficiency of the user-software interaction. Concretely, a macro file (*.py) is a text file, which defines the macro-function in the PyFlux language. It receives (upon entry) one or more parameters and executes (upon exit) a series of predefined actions. It is possible to use the macros provided with Flux or to create your own macros. All macros provided with Flux are open sources, to help you to create a macro fitting exactly your expectation. The list of macros provided with Flux is available in C:\Altair\Extensions\Macros\macros_list_EN.pdf. The moste recent one are described with more details in the attached document "New_Flux_macros_2016". New_Flux_macros_2016.pdf
  13. The minimum and recommended system requirements are for Flux 2D and Flux 3D: Minimum requirements (Flux 2D) Processor RAM Hard disk Intel or AMD 64 bits multi-core 2 GiB 20 GiB Recommended requirements (Flux 2D) Processor RAM Hard disk Intel or AMD 64 bits multi-core 8 GiB 50 GiB Minimum requirements (Flux 3D) Application RAM Hard disk General 2 GiB 20 GiB Transient 2 GiB 50 GiB Steady AC 4 GiB 20 GiB Recommended requirements (Flux 3D) Application RAM Hard disk General 16 GiB 250 GiB Transient 32 GiB 500 GiB You will find more information on system requirements in the installation guide available in the folder: C:\Altair\FluxDocExamples_12.2\InstallationGuide\English (path by default)
  14. Getting started with Flux software!

    Here is a quick video explaining how getting started with Flux software! You will discover: -Flux supervisor environment -where to find examples and tutorials -how to define options: language, macros, memory settings -where to have access to help and documentation
  15. Mass flux for outflow BC

    I want to simulate a geometry using Acusolve (AcuConsole) and I have a condition of mass flux for my outflow boundary, how can setup like this? The Acu Console only gives me the option of pressure values. Thank you.