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Found 29 results

  1. EMCanuck1

    Antenna feed gap capacitance

    When using a voltage source to excite an antenna, will the FEKO-computed input impedance include the capacitance of the assumed gap between the feed terminals of the antenna? If so, what does the capacitance represent? Is it the capacitance of a hollow cylinder, or the capacitance of a solid cylinder, or something different? Feed gaps are tricky...
  2. Sra

    Batch Simulation in feko

    Hello, Could anyone please answer whether there is an option in FEKO for performing batch simulations. In case if such an option is available in FEKO, can anyone guide me.
  3. Hello ! I am get this warning while trying to simulate a structure within feko WARNING 37591: Non-radiating characteristic modes were removed do you have any explanation to this warning ?! Thank you!
  4. ALM

    which formulation is used ?

    Hello ! I am a little bit confused a bout which formulation is used by feko to generate the mom matrix , any enlightening about would be very welcomed. (Note: I have google it but still don't get a clear answer ) thank you!
  5. EMCanuck1

    .mat file in POSTFEKO

    Running POSTFEKO v2017.1.1-303889 build 2017-05-17 on a 64-bit Windows machine. Is there a way to import .mat data into Postfeko? Release notes for 300391 state "Improved options are available to read data from *.mat file and to manipulate the imported data." but I don't see these options. I would like to have access to the complete Y-matrix (or Z-matrix) instead of just the single column/row that is available in the .out file.
  6. Hi expert Feko, I would like to ask FEKO team about the warning that I received when I have tried to simulate my dipole antenna using wire port. What does the warning mean so that I can make improvements to my model to achieve the results? Thank you, attach is the warning message.
  7. no name

    Magnetic Coil

    Dear Expert Feko, Good day, Kindly help to check my design, I have created two coils named as TC and RC with my experiential configuration values, and I am trying to measure Z - Impedance values on RC with respect to TC movement. But It looks like the values are not changing. and even the values of Z impedance while measuring on RC looks different as compared to experimental results. Can you please help me to check my model, if I am measuring or doing any wrong step on FEKO. Looking forward to hearing from you, Regards helix.cfx
  8. Hi Good day, I would like to start with creating two different magnetic based coils as Transmitting coil (TC) and Receiving coil (RC), to measure the Z impedance values changes with respect to the movement of TC around RC. Following are the configuration which I would like to proceed, Transmitting Coil: L 67 uH Q 22 Ccalc 24.19 nf - - F 125khz Receiving Coil: Coil Configuration L 728.73 uH Q 53.24 R 15kohm Ccalc 2.224nf F 125khz - - The Receiving Coil (RC) resonated at a frequency of 125kHz and diameter of 7cm. Transmitting coil (TC) dimension is 9 x 9 x 9 mm^3. Datasheet of RC as: https://www.rfsolutions.co.uk/downloads/1457021091DS-ANT-125K.pdf Initially, the RC and TC will be 3cm away from each other on z axis. The Impedance( |Z| ) value can be measured with respect to the movement of TC on x-axis/y-axis. -> The RC: loop antenna actual dimension, the copper wire diameter, number of turn, the diameter. (the details of the coil determine the inductance value) For RC: 0.236mm diameter (34 swg) Enamelled Cu wire. Diameter Antenna: 7cm internal , Number of turns: 67 turns Inductance: 700uH Quality Factor (Q): 17 For TC: Inductance: 67 uH Quality Factor (Q): 22 Capacitor: 24.19 nf Frequency (F) 125 kHz Number of turns: 52 Diameter: 8mm -> Matching circuit details. Matching circuit For RC : C = 2.3159nF (Formula:F=1/2π √LC) Matching circuit For TC : C= 24.19nF (Formula:F=1/2π √LC) kindly can you suggest me the step or user manual for me to start on to this project. Looking forward to hearing your comments on it, Regards
  9. hello ! I have imported a mesh (.nas) into feko and it seems okay , but when i wanted to save the matrix elements into *.mat file I get an error saying that the mat file couldn't be opened, any suggestions to solve this issue ?! Thank you !
  10. Hi there, I have contacted FEKO support before about modeling a DRA in FEKO and provided their team with the model attached. I got positive feedback, but after I simulated it the model which is available in the literature, I am not getting even close to those measured or simulated results. Can anybody give me some feedback on the model and if there is anything wrong. I am also attaching the paper in which you will find the complete description of the design. Cheers RDRA_Poylmer_ApertureCoupled_test.cfx DEVELOPMENT OF POLYMER-BASED DIELECTRIC RESONATOR ANTENNAS FOR MILLIMETER-WAVE APPLICATIONS.pdf
  11. I have noticed that FEKO (SE) shows surface currents at the boundary between different epsilon_r regions. Could someone explain this effect please? description in detail: A dielectric plate is placed inside a conductive cavity resonator. There are two seperate regions inside with different dielectric constant (eps_r=eps_0 & eps_r=2.2). At the resonant frequency of a low order mode the surface current is displayed using postfeko. They are shown at the conductive walls, which is quite clear, but also at the dielectric boundary shell. Why is there a surface current present at this kind of boundery, a dielectric boundery? Is this some kind of: 1. displacement currens 2. manifestations of the ExH field on the surface at that position and because of the surface mesh at the boundery 3. based on the implementation of the BEM, MoM / boundery conditions 4. somewhat else Thanks
  12. Hi there, In FEKO for the CMA, the eigenvalues of the individual modes can be obtained in the output file, but unfortunately I cannot find the eigencurrents (Jn), where [X][Jn]=lambda[R][Jn]. When the current is requested under CMA configuration, only those currents on the triangular elements can be obtained. So, I would need some help in how to obtain the eigencurrents. Thanks
  13. ozuem

    MoM matrix and eigencurrent

    Hello, I would need some clarification to enable me understand what I am doing on FEKO. I am relatively new to using FEKO but I am having a hard time understanding some terminology. 1. What is the difference between MoM matrix and MoM impedance matrix. If there is a difference, how to I obtain the MoM impedance matrix on FEKO else I guess they are both the same. 2. What is the major difference between the surface current, current density vector and eigen-current. How do I obtain the eigen current on FEKO 3. The MoM matrix does not tend to match in terms of dimension with the current density vector on FEKO, how can I reconcile this
  14. no name

    Antenna Array

    Hi, I am new in Feko, can anyone here provide me a tutorial how to design an array microstrip antenna? because i couldnt find any tutorial on designing array microstrip antenna. Thank you for anyone that provide me tutorials.
  15. Sra

    CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi, I need help regarding modeling a winding in FEKO. I would like to model a winding with 136 turns. To be clear I have attached a wire model. I would like to have a winding with 16 horizontal layers of same shape as shown in the figure and 8 vertical layers. I also attached a sample of 3D model with 16 horizontal layers which should look like. I was using a polyline to draw layer by layer, but it is taking a lot of time to model it. Could anyone suggest me some other alternative ways or easy process to do this. Or could anyone write a lua script to altleast generate a single layer of wire (fig:wire:2) an dthen remaining I hope I can do it. Thanks
  16. Hi there, I have a question about using lua script to assign a dielectric medium to an imported geometry in lua script. The imported geometry consists of three adjacent pieces which are unionized in the script (see the attached file). I am trying to create assign the defined dielectric medium to all those unionized geometry (the three pieces) all at once, so can anyone help me with that? I was successfully assigning the medium to the individual pieces (see the attached script), but I need a script that do the assignment to all the pieces in the union all at once (just like how I perform the union). Test1.lua (attached script) includes the command to import the geometry in test1.dxf which contains the three pieces. test1.lua
  17. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  18. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  19. At this moment I'm using the Student Edition. I want to do a planar near field measurement using a dipole as the probe and gather the near E-fields.. However, I'm having difficulties to come up with a correct method. I tried to generate a near field radiation pattern of an dipole. Then requesting the (RX ANTENNA NF) with the AUT, but then I only get the received power in 1 point and there seems to be no easy way of converting or requesting this to/at multiple points on a planar measurement area. The parameter sweep doesn't work because of critical errors when merging. What would be the best approach to my problem? Thank you in advance for your time.

    Integration of a file in feko

    Hi every one, I have a result of a coordinate of a plate from Hyper mesh and I am wondering how can I integrate it in Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. For more details: the file is “.csv” one which is the result of a meshing of Hyper mesh of a plate (I can have other extension in Hypermesh output). I thought about a script but I don't know how to write it, maybe it’s already written in the Feko setup file. Thank you for your help. Samir
  21. Mathias.W

    Create a CPW Port with FEKO

    Hi friends, I currently working on a project to create a planar UWB Antenna. At this point I having trouble to create a CPW Port for my microstrip. I searched the internet for solutions, but didn't got what I was looking for neither understand the answers. I'm running FEKO 7.0.1-256428. I would be pleased if someone can help me. This is my thisis. I've attached a CADFeko File to show my issue. Thanks for some help. Greetings Mathias microstrip_koppl_a3mm_01.cfx
  22. I have the following EDITFEKO code: ** Near field: NearField1 DA: 0 : 0 : : : 0 : : : 0 : : : 0 OF: 1 : 0 : : : : 0 : 0 : 0 : 0 : 0 : 0 FE: 3 : 5 : 5 : 5 : 1 : 0 : 0 : 0 : 125 : 90 : 325 ** NearField1 I displayed the information generated in cartesian coordinates (POSTFEKO) and it gave me 'Power Transmitted through surface' on a specific 'Surface Definition' and 'phi' angle and obtain a wattage that could not possibly represent a specific point. Does this mean that this is the total power that is part of an infinite surface? If I select RhoPhi surface and a specific height, is that surface infinite? Is there a way in which I can get the specific power in a point at a specific height? Or does this depend on the antenna used for reception? I see that I can get the Electric Field values at a specific point but not power. Thanks in advance
  23. gbd


    WARNING 510: Imaginary part of the impedance is large thus the real part will be inaccurate WARNING 4722: It is highly recommended to use double precision accuracy (solution settings) WARNING 509: Reactive power large thus real power is inaccurate WARNING 2340: No further output of warnings and hints Hı, I have these problems and I don't know how I solve these. Please help me
  24. tom_1230

    PREFEKO Import ASCII Radiation Pattern

    Could someone specify the format for the external ASCII file when loading radiation pattern data into the AR Card in EDITFEKO? I am aware of the documentation but would appreciate a clearer example of the format. Thankyou
  25. priya

    feko software

    i am using feko 6.1 version and i got the error 20032 in my design. how to remove this error? Doc1.docx