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  1. Error licence

    Hi to everybody, after that i stopped a dynamic simulation in MotionSolve i tried to start it again but i found this error: can someone help me please? thank you
  2. *** ERROR # 1807 ***

    Im getting the following error when i tried to put composite shaft with constrains Mass, and Composite Failure Upperbound 1. The Objective Function is Min Compliance. *** ERROR # 1807 *** Composite failure responses are applied to ply 9 which belongs to a topology or free-size domain. Help needed, Thank you
  3. duplicate and mixed element types

    Hi! I want to export a heatsink mesh file into fluent. According to the below pictures, a volume of fluid passes through a heatsink using a suction fan located inside the elbow duct. The mesh was produced using automesh and solid map (line drag) for solid and fluid parts. Boundary conditions were defined as figs 1,2 and 3 shows. As figs 4 and 5 show, while I was exporting the final model to fluent, the error says that there is duplicate and mixed element types in my model. What can I do to fix this error and export my model successfully in the fluent? looking forward to receive your kind help
  4. Hi i have got the following error. I had run FRF on the same model (large) previous week for same frequency range. It was fine. This week for another FRF analysis for the same frequency this is showing this error. Please help *** ERROR # 2782 *** 32bit integer overflow occurred in reduced order model processing. This is usually because of the higer than default value of AMPFFACT used in analysis. If not, it is simply due to too many eigenvalues located in the requested frequency range. Reducing the upper frequency bound in EIGRA card is likely to make AMSES go through. This issue will be resolved in later version.
  5. ERROR # 2782 Optistruct

    Hi i have got the following error. I had run FRF on the same model (large) previous week for same frequency range. It was fine. This week for another FRF analysis for the same frequency this is showing this error. Please help *** ERROR # 2782 *** 32bit integer overflow occurred in reduced order model processing. This is usually because of the higer than default value of AMPFFACT used in analysis. If not, it is simply due to too many eigenvalues located in the requested frequency range. Reducing the upper frequency bound in EIGRA card is likely to make AMSES go through. This issue will be resolved in later version.
  6. Decreasing time step on Incremental Forming

    Hi, I am doing an incremental forming simulation, that I need to analyze the properties in the end of the analysis. However, my analysis is decreasing in time step or when i try to fix it, the model mass increase. Another problem is my model vibrates and I could not damped it with / DYREL. My error is very high, in the beginning it's around 100% and decrease to 50% in the end. t13.2_0000.rad t13.2_0001.rad t13.1_0001.out
  7. Hi, everyone Thanks for reading this topic. When I submitted a job, I got the error information: *** Error 20222 (STR +222) in solid element connectivity, element 103338 the first 4 nodes must be unique. Then I find this element 103338 and check element, there is no problem with its connectivity and duplicates (see the bellowing picture). It is very confusing. If I delete this element and translate + duplicate an adjacent one and then equivalence nodes, the error will still exist, but in another different element. I don't how many elements has this problem. I also tried renumber all, but it is still useless. I really want to have your suggestions if you are familiar with it. Thanks a lot.
  8. ERROR TERMINATION" in output file

    Hi, I have a probleme when I run my file testgros2_0000. The error message: Missing "NORMAL TERMINATION" in output file FE-Model_0000.out. "ERROR TERMINATION" in output file testgros3_0001.out." appears. Could someone help me with that issue? Thanks a lot, Best Regards, Charlotte testgros2_0000.rad
  9. Hi all, I got this error when connect to license server from another country, through OpenVPN GUI. On AlmUtil, the host address and port number are recognized properly. But I cannot open any feature. We have spent hours on it without any result. What could be wrong? Please help to check
  10. i am getting a error in shell property ?What can be the solution for this ? ERROR ID : 286 ** ERROR IN INPUT CONSISTENCY DESCRIPTION : QUAD ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH N2D3D=0
  11. Hi there! I was using HyperMesh perfectly the day before and I have requested for an academic license (for my individual research project) from Altair, but unfortunately I suddenly faced this message today. I have used 6200 as the port and JessicaLee is the host name for this machine as shown. Error message: I've put the license file in the security>bin folder: Do let me know! I need to get back to using the software as soon as possible as I have a submission for my analysis coming up pretty soon!
  12. Hello Altair-Forum, it's my first topic in this forum, I really don't know what to do anymore. No matter which model I want to run with Radioss (independent of simulation type, in this case impact tutorial of two tubes), I'm always getting the error message from the picture: **ERROR : CANNOT EXECUTE RADFLEX_2017 OR RADFLEX_2017 NOT FOUND As another topic in this forum suggested, I already tried to find the RADFLEX-file in the hwsolvers folder in my install directory, but I can't find it. OptiStruct-Solvers are still functioning perfectly. I already ran the simulation for the model-document in the attached files a week ago, and it worked out fine. But right now there seems to be this error which I cannot explain to myself. I'm working with HyperWorks 2017 Desktop, a Student Version, since three months. I'm thankful for any help in advance! 02_Pipe_Impact.zip
  13. License error

    Please advise which ID I have to enter when applying for a Student License, I will add a screnshot. I first used ID: 14-AB-C5-8D-02-BCThe second time I used ID: 14-AB-C5-8D-02-BC but it does not workplease, give me an advice Thank you

    Hi. I'm having a trouble running a simplified rollover simulation of a bus superstructure in RADIOSS. I'm trying to apply a initial rotational velocity of 3.48 Rad/s, but when I run the EngineFile in the solver, I get the following error: ERROR ID : 490 ** ERROR IN INITIAL VELOCITY INPUT DESCRIPTION : -- INITIAL VELOCITY ID : 2 -- ROTVEL TITLE : WRONG REFERENCE FRAME ID=1 There is the way wich I am applying the rotational velocity: Utility > BC's Manager > Type "initial velocity around an axis" > GRNOD > all nodes of all collectors of the model > Direction: X > Frame (here I have to create a reference frame, for that reason I create some rigid elements (RED 1D elements in the image), obtaining the gray reference frame) > V_r = 3.48 > Create When I click create, that yellow point show up. is there an error in the way I am creating the rotational velocity? How Can I fix the error? Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Hi , i need somene that can help me to solve this problem PnlLoadGeomError: 'Error from geometry reading module: <error reading geometry> Because when I try to export the file to acuconsole a window appear with that error.
  16. Hi. I am a university user and recently signed up for the student version of Altair hyper works. I received an email with links for download. However, when I click on the links, the download begins and goes towards completion (100%) but as soon as it hits 100%, the download fails with a 'Failed - Download Error'. This is for all links that were sent to me including Hyperworks student edition 2017, solidthinking student edition, Hyperworks student edition 2014 etc. Any way around this?
  17. Hi, I am currently learning how to carry out lattice based optimization on OptiStruct. I have attempted the attached tutorial found elsewhere on the HyperWorks forums, but keep running into the same problem during the Run in OptiStruct? I have tried various edits of the line below the DTPL card line but keep coming across the same error. Any help would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance, Tom Lattice_01.fem Lattice_01.out Lattice Optimisation Tutorial.pdf
  18. Mr.

    Hey George I want to create a corase mesh now with a second order. I managed to create it. But there are some trias element in my model. I think that is why the error is being shown 'Errors with missing, incorrect or duplicate IDs found 1367 times.' Could you please tell me how can I make a nicer mesh here with coarse element? i have attached the model try_3_final_original_coarse_2nd.hm
  19. ERROR

    THE error is increasing what to do ? NC= 9000 T= 8.4895E-01 DT= 9.4325E-05 ERR= -5.6% DM/M= 0.0000E+00
  20. License error 9

    Hello, I have a HyperWorks workshop tomorrow and need to have this figured out ASAP. I requested a license last night, and got it this morning, however, I am receiving this error when I try to open the program. From what I can see, it is an issue with the Ethernet Host ID. When I applied for the license, I stupidly put in my global IP because my computer doesn't have an ethernet port and I wasn't sure what it was looking for. I have seen in other forums that people without an ethernet port are able to use their Wireless LAN adapter MAC and it still works. I have since gotten the correct MAC address by using the getmac and ipconfig -all commands. Am I able to just replace this number wherever ETHERNET shows up in the .dat file, or do I need to apply for a new license? I tried this already and I still get the same error, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  21. I have meshed my wing and when I run the simulations for RCS I get the following error: ''ERROR 240: A triangle is too small or EPSENT is too large'' It worked for me when I had half wing but when I use full wing by mirroring it gives me error. I also tried making Union between components but still gives me error... You can find my model attached herewith. Looking forward to some helpful advice. Thank you! Try.cfx
  22. Error Reading from file

    I'm using Hyperworks student edition 2017. When I try to open .hm file it does not load and error message comes as "Error Reading from file". This does not happens for all .hm files. Some files works all fine. This error comes to the files downloaded from link https://altairuniversity.com/model-files-for-student-edition-users-accompaniment-to-the-tutorials-in-help/ . For hypermesh tutorials files.
  23. Hello, I am trying to run a CFD on a model in VWT in order to eventually extract the pressure on the surfaces to place them as node pressures on the same model in optistruct. Currently I am having problems getting VWT to run successfully. I have been through the troubleshooting webpage (http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/13776-workflow-for-virtual-wind-tunnel/&tab=comments#comment-20229). The Run parameters I am using are: The vwtAnalysis VOUT file is as follows: The vwtAnalysis MeshSim file is as follows: This suggests there is an error in line 65 but i do not know what this means. I am not getting a mesh intersection file if I intersect the model with the wind tunnel boundary. However, I obtain a CAD.DIR but not a MESHSIM.DIR the output folder. The link to the Nastran file: WIP_9.nas I hope you can help. Kind Regards, Elliot
  24. CAN ANYONE KINDLY HELP ME WITH THE FOLLOWING ERROR? *** ERROR # 1243 *** Duplicate ID 2000550 in SPOINT data.
  25. Topology optimization error

    Hi All I am getting this error in topology optimization data check : Card "WEIGHT" is not allowed for this subcase type It's a 3D Solid problem with Wcomp and Volfrac, minimizing Wcomp and 0.3 Volfrac