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  1. Hello everybody, i have the following problem. I generated the CFD - Mesh (quater of a pipe) in HyperMesh (as you se below) and exported it to AcuSolve ( file type: .inp and .asm). In AcuSolve i set the following parameters / Boundary Conditions: Inflow: Average Velocity: 0,2 m/s Outflow: Pressure: 0 Wall: Wall Condtion, with standrad Wall function Sym_xy: Boundary Conditon Symmetry Sym_xz: Boundary Conditon Symmetry CFD_tetcore001: Material = Water Problem Discription: Auto Solution Strategy: When i start the simulation, the results have nothing to do with reality. There should be a preesure drop from inlet to outlet around 15-16 Pa. But this are the results: But the thing i don't understand is, if i build the model completly in AcuSolve, i get the right result by 5 percent deviation. When i start the simulton in Hypemesh a always got this warning: "WARNING: Multiple command issius" Or i got the wron results. Please, could you help me Thanks
  2. How to restart a run?

    how to restart a run when it is stopped before completion?
  3. Manual Drag Calculation.

    Hello everyone. I am currently running external aerodynamics flow simulations for a truck model. I use HyperMesh to generate the surface mesh and then use Virtual Wind Tunnel to run the flow simulation. Once the simulation is complete, VWT generates the automatic PDF report with a drag coefficient value. However, after performing design modifications to the geometry of the model, the drag coefficient values seem to be off from expectations. Hence, I am wondering if there is a way to manually calculate the drag force generated by the model in AcuFieldView, AcuConsole or AcuProbe and then the drag coefficient using the frontal area?. I want to check the validity of the drag coefficient values that are automatically generated in the report. Also, I have noticed that the report calculates the drag for each and every part in the model and then sums it up to give the total drag value. I'm wondering if there is a way to select the entire model (all parts included) and display the drag force created by it rather than doing it for individual parts. Thanks for the help in advance! Yatish Chandra
  4. CFD Meshing in Hypermesh

    Can we do CFD meshing in Hypermesh?
  5. Volume mesh in VWT fails!

    Hello, I am conducting an external aerodynamic analysis of a semi truck using VWT. I am currently facing issues within the VWT. I have created a surface mesh using HyperMesh and have checked and fixed for any bad elements. The 2D mesh check for Tetramesh tells me that the "Mesh is OK for Tetramesh" and after that, I am able to export the .nas file successfully onto VWT. However, when I run the analysis, the Volume mesher keeps failing for some reason. I have attached the error file and screenshots of the VWT run folder. Could you please help me point out what the issue currently could be? P.S: The files are from three different runs vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt
  6. Parametric Study in AcuSolve

    Hi, I wanted to setup the parametric study for a fan flow analysis at different operating speeds by using HST-AcuSolve. It would be really helpful if it is possible to perform parametric study using hyperstudy. Regards, Vignesh V.
  7. Hi, We are trying to simulate the HST-AcuSolve Pipe Tutorial as given in the document. We are not able to find the template_srf2.osi file for the definition of file in responses (Step-6 in page 14). Please let us know if any is missed in the document for the creation of *.osi file in the directory defined. Regards, Vignesh V. CFD_Shape_optimisation_Acusolve_HST_pipe.pdf CFD_Shape_optimisation_Acusolve_HST_pipe.pdf
  8. Hello, I am trying to run a CFD on a model in VWT in order to eventually extract the pressure on the surfaces to place them as node pressures on the same model in optistruct. Currently I am having problems getting VWT to run successfully. I have been through the troubleshooting webpage (http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/13776-workflow-for-virtual-wind-tunnel/&tab=comments#comment-20229). The Run parameters I am using are: The vwtAnalysis VOUT file is as follows: The vwtAnalysis MeshSim file is as follows: This suggests there is an error in line 65 but i do not know what this means. I am not getting a mesh intersection file if I intersect the model with the wind tunnel boundary. However, I obtain a CAD.DIR but not a MESHSIM.DIR the output folder. The link to the Nastran file: WIP_9.nas I hope you can help. Kind Regards, Elliot
  9. Hi All, Please do register for Altair Multiphysics Webinar series. Click here to register Best Regards, Kamlesh
  10. Solution Stability Issue

    Hi, Mesh independent study is performed for one operating point to fix the mesh count in one of my problem. The final fixed mesh count result was deviating by 1.5% for the selected operating point. The final fixed mesh is used to simulate for other operating points and their results deviate between 10-30%. To check the consistency of the result the simulation is conducted for different operating point to check the stability of solution and found result changes with huge deviation. If this problem persists on my cases, it would be difficult for us to relay on the tool. Requesting you to arrange for a meeting to discuss in detail about this issue ASAP. Regards, Vignesh V.
  11. Postprocessing in Paraview

    How do i open the results from acusolve simulation in paraview.
  12. I have a problem with the virtual wind tunnel. When I do the test it works perfectly but at 80% it does not progress and it closes the hw.exe. At that point you should open Acufieldview to make the captures that will be exported in the PDF. But the essay stays there and does not export the PDF. If I look in the folder Run Patch the test is finished but without the PDF. In the folder I can find all the results of the coefficients but not the PDF. Would anyone know how to solve this problem? I attach files to explain better. Thanks for your help. cilindro.nas
  13. Hi, Im facing an error while importing surface mesh in .nas format to Acuconsole. PFA the snapshot of error window. I double checked in Hypermesh for any free edges, duplicates or connectivity issues, even check for 2D mesh file is also fine. when I tried the same model in .inp format its working fine in acuconsole but .nas is not! Thanks, Elvin
  14. Uniformity Index

    Hi all, Kindly let us know how to calculate the flow uniformity through a given section/plane.
  15. Dear all, Please do register for the webinar on September 27th, 2017 (Wednesday) at 11 AM Headlamp modeling in SimLab and CFD analysis using AcuSolve Register on the link below: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8360683504294244097 Regards, Kamlesh
  16. Hi all For using Realizable K epsilon Turbulence model .If i use intensity and viscosity ratio What will be the optimum value of below said parameters for Internal flows Turbulent velocity scale = Turbulent viscosity ratio =
  17. Deal All, We have uploaded 2017 India ATC Technical papers - CFD for AcuSolve in the below link: http://www.altairatc.com/india/2017/2017-Technical-Papers.htm There are currently 7 CFD papers uploaded from customers, some more of them also will be uploaded. Regards, Kamlesh
  18. Fan component

    Hello all, I have been trying to model two fans together, for which i have created two seperate volumes for each fan.with seperate outlets. It is giving error as" element set Air Volume has already been assigned a component therby terminating the run .Please refer attachment. Green color: Air Volume Others two are seperate volume for two fans Please help.
  19. Conjugate heat transfer

    Hello all, I am doing CFD analysis of an electronic cabinet having 2 radial fans. Meshing is successfully done. But when I am trying to refine my volume mesh following error is being displayed " could not parse file". I have done surface meshing in hypermesh. For volume meshing in acusolve I have taken mesh size as relative with value of 0.125 . Now when I am trying to refine only air volume mesh with again relative mesh size of 0.008 it is giving error in generating mesh. Please help.
  20. How to open ".bc_warnings"

    How to open ".bc_warnings". As every time while giving run, it is asking to check this file before moving further. Regards Rajendra BorgWarner
  21. Heat pipe analysis in acusolve

    Hello everyone, I want to simulate heat pipes used in pcbs for heat transfer. But I have no idea whether this feature of condensation and evaporation is available in acusolve or not. Please help. regards, Tutulika
  22. ACUSOLVE error in boundary condition

    HI, I am new to ACUSOLVE. I have a flow problem in which I have assigned a pressure inflow and an outflow with mass flux using advanced boundary condition. When I try to run the solver, I am getting an error stating " multiple surface integrated condition at outlet" I don't understand the actual sense of this error since as far as I know, we can simulate a case with an inflow pressure and outflow mass flux. I have done similar cases in ANSYS Fluent. If somebody knows how to rectify this problem, please let me know asap. Thanks in advance.
  23. Problem in Acu console

    I was doing CFD analysis, i exported the file (nastran format) in the same way as shown in the video( Day 11, CFD analysis ). After exporting, i opened ACU CONSOLE, and created new database file, but when i tried to import the nastran file it automatically closed down showing a black screen window with an error written on it. Below is that error pic. Plz help me ASAP.
  24. Some mistake in meshing

    Hello, I'm working on a model the third day and can't understand what is the mistake in the meshing parametres. Once I got to build and can't anymore, don't understand what the problem is. sector-100mkr-1gr-narost-001.acs
  25. Hi All, Please find attached tutorial for CFD optimisation of a manifold. Some of the applications, where it can be used includes, HVAC ducting • Reduce pressure drop • Increase flow uniformity • Maximize/minimize outlet temperature Heat exchangers • Maximize pressure drop • Maximize heat transfer Brake discs • Minimize temperature • Maximize heat transfer • Brake cooling ducts External Aero • Minimize drag • Maximize negative lift and many more. I have also attached a simple Pipe CFD optimisation tutorial. Please do contact us for any queries. Regards, kamlesh Acusolve_Hyperstudy_tutorial_manifold.zip Acusolve_Hyperstudy_Tutorial_Pipe.zip