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  1. I've been recently working on a Knee joint model . I need to find the contact force vector between two particular components. I have been getting a lot of errors and unable to run the model. All the contact pairs and properly defined and I am able to generate all typical outputs except for contact output. please help me out. The output blocks defined so far are node and element outputs for all 8 components defined. Thanks in advance!
  2. Abaqusユーザープロファイルで、局所座標系が出力されない(エクスポートされない)場合は、局所座標系を作成した後、下記の手順操作して下さい。 1.Card Editアイコンから、選択対象をsystsに切り替えて局所座標系を選択します。 2.editボタンをクリックします。 3.ORIENTATIONにチェックを入れてから、NAME=の項目に任意の名前を入力しておいて下さい。 ※Abaqusのデータ構造上、座標系名を参照するようになっているため、名前を入力します。
  3. Hi, I'm using abaqus as a slover. There are two models which should be optimize synchronously, so some variables were linked. -------------------------------- Acitive Label Varname Expression 1 com1_1 m_1_varname_1 1 com2_1 m_2_varname_1 m_1_varname_1 -------------------------------- But when the "evaluate" was conducted, there are errors occured: -------------------------------- 13 Error : Scalar value expected for ( com2_1 (m_2_varname_1) ) 14 Warning: Could not set the value of variable ( com2_1 (m_2_varname_1) ) in model ( Model 2 (m_2) ) -------------------------------- I'm wondering whether the slover script didn't support the two models link variables? -------------------------------- #!/usr/bin/env python """ Example script to run abaqus """ # import statements import os import platform import subprocess import sys # user edits------------------------------------------------------------------- # set abaqus path use forward slashes (/) abaqus_exe = 'C:/SIMULIA/Abaqus/Commands/abq6121.bat' # set abaqus arguments abaqus_arguments = 'job=' + sys.argv[1] + ' ' + 'memory=20000Mb cpus=36 interactive' # set log file name logFile = 'logFile.txt' # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # open log file f = open('logFile.txt', 'w') # get environment information plat = platform.system() hst_altair_home = '' strEnvVal = os.getenv('HST_ALTAIR_HOME') if strEnvVal: hst_altair_home = strEnvVal else: f.write('%EXA_xx-e-env, Environment variable not defined ( HST_ALTAIR_HOME )') abaqus_exe = os.path.normpath(abaqus_exe) lstCommands = [abaqus_exe, abaqus_arguments] # echo log information f.write('platform: ' + plat + '\n') f.write('hst_altair_home: ' + hst_altair_home + '\n') f.write('abaqus command: ' + abaqus_exe + '\n') #execute the command f.write('Running the command:\n' + ' '.join(lstCommands) + '\n') p1 = subprocess.Popen(' '.join(lstCommands), stdout=subprocess.PIPE , stderr=subprocess.PIPE) # log the standard out and error f.write('\nStandard out' + '\n' + p1.communicate()[0] + '\n') f.write('\nStandard error' + '\n' + p1.communicate()[1] + '\n') # close log file f.close() # End of file:
  4. Hi, I have some test data, which is used to model Abaqus Hyperfoam material. Now I am wondering how I can translate this measured to Radioss material model ? ** MATERIALS ** *Material, name=FOAM *Density 100, *Hyperfoam, n=2, poisson=0., testdata *Simple Shear Test Data 0.014, 0.08, 0.0046 0.0334, 0.16, 0.0166 0.0533, 0.24, 0.0366 0.0853, 0.32, 0.0573 0.128, 0.4, 0.0817 0.1653, 0.48, 0.1098 0.208, 0.56, 0.1394 0.256, 0.64, 0.1666 0.2987, 0.72, 0.1904 *Uniaxial Test Data -0.0217, -0.05 -0.0317, -0.1 -0.0367, -0.15 -0.0402, -0.2 -0.0433, -0.25 -0.0467, -0.3 -0.0504, -0.35 -0.0542, -0.4 -0.0604, -0.45 -0.0668, -0.5 -0.0759, -0.55 -0.0909, -0.6 -0.1083, -0.65 -0.141, -0.7 -0.1933, -0.75 -0.2896, -0.8 Thanks and Regards, Best regards / Terveisin Petri Seppänen Leading Specialist MBS & Optimization, Technical Analysis Elomatic Oy, Vaisalantie 2-8, 02130 Espoo, FINLAND GSM:+358 50 576 5146 petri.seppanen@elomatic.com
  5. Unsynchronize loadstep

    Hello all, I have a question regarding viewing results of two abaqus result files in Hyperview. For some reason, Hyperview automatically synchronizes the loadstep (simulation step) when two ore more results are displayed in a page (for instance, left window myresfile.odb and right window myresfile2.odb). If I want to compare the results of loadstep 1 of file 1 and loadstep 3 of file 2, this is impossible! Everytime I go to the second window to select the third step, the first window jumps to step 3 too. And then I go back to window 1 to set it to step1, the second window jumps to step 1. Can anyone help, because this is extremely annoying. With NASTRAN models, by the way, this does not happen. Kind regards.
  6. Exporting Assemblies to Abaqus

    Hi, I am meshing some CAD files, containing different parts, and what I need to do is export these in the Abaqus file format. In order to perform simulations, I need to export from HyperMesh the geometry grouped in parts and instanced in one Assembly, but unfortunately HyperMesh doesn't seem to allow this. In fact, everytime I try, I get Abaqus files that contains only the nodes and the connectivity matrix without the description of parts and assemblies. Help anyone? Thanks in advance
  7. Hypermesh-abaqus begginer help

    Hello everyone I am trying to setup abaqus model from hypermsh. I am new to abaqus solver. I already have reffered help from altair on the same. Any other help available on this topic please provide with link. Thank you
  8. Hello All, I have two questions 1. I am trying to do a DOE in Hyperstudy (2017) with ABAQUS (2017) as Solver. I created a new model, parametrized the XX.tpl file, registered the solver and typed XX.INP in solver input file field. The problem occured when i tried to define a response. I ran the simulation in Abaqus once to get the .odb file. I then put the file in 'approaches\nom_1\run__00001\m_1' to define responses. But when i tried to drag the file into the work area, it says 'file not recognized by Hyperstudy reader' and Hyperstudy text extractor gets selected. Please help me with this problem. 2. Is it possible to do DOE for physical experiments (i.e. without creating an expression for evaluating responses from Design variables) ? Thank you, WBR R: Prasaenna
  9. Hello, i'm using Abaqus to simulate but i want to use Hyperview to do the PreProcessing, since it looks more comfortable to use to me. I already imported the .odb-File to Hyperview and everything works fine except for the Boundry Conditions and my Analytical Rigid Bodies. I did a three point bending test and for visualisation i want to see the Rigid bodies in hyperview, too. I'm using Hyperworks 14 and Abaqus 2016. Any suggestions? Thanks and best Regards
  10. Hi everyone, I have problem obtaining the TCL command of auto contact pair finding. My model contains 6 components, I use the Abaqus contact manager to automatically find contact pairs for me. Manually, I can successfully find contact pairs. Since I want to run this process automatically by TCL script, I do the process manually and check out the code added in the command.cmf file. Unfortunately, the code are very long, approximately 50000 lines. Also, the code are about nodes' data and surface set, which is not I am looking for. I am looking for the command that represents the buttons "auto", "components: all", "find", "create". I will show these buttons in the figures attached. By the way, the file: raw.hm is my model. Again, my goal is to get the TCL code for finding contact pairs. Please help me, thanks! raw.hm
  11. Please, help me: I want to optimize a model. I am using Matlab for the optimization, Hypermesh as a pre-processor for my model and Abaqus as my FEA solver. I want to control all the operations in Matlab. I don't want to open Hypermesh and Abaqus. I have found a way around Abaqus. But I am having a challenge with Hypermesh. Directly from Matlab command, I want to call Hypermesh to execute my TCL script and output Abaqus input file. I want to run this process for many iterations by changing my mesh size in TCL script, thereby generating Abaqus input files of different mesh sizes. This is my Matlab script for Hypermesh: clear all; clc; hypermesh_bin='C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\'; %enter the directory for the hypermesh executible cd(hypermesh_bin); run Hypermesh dos ('C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\hmopengl.exe&') % run .tcl file (the name of my tcl file is comm) dos_command = ['hmbatch-tcl' , 'C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\comm.tcl']; dos (dos_command) I am getting this error: ans = 0 The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. ans = 1 Please, help me: kindly tell me what I am doing wrong. Also, in order for us to have more discussion, I will appreciate it if you can send me an email, if you have worked with hypermesh directly from Matlab or you know how to do it. My email address is: sasamuelayinde@gmail.com Thank you.
  12. Hello all, I am trying to create rbe3 element with 1.0 weight to independent nodes , however, following code generates 0.0 weight for independent nodes. my tcl code is ; ################################################################## *createmark nodes 1 "by sphere" -341.255 -75.946 6.482 0.25 inside 1 all 0 *appendmark nodes 1 "by face" set rbl [hm_getmark nodes 1] set nrbl [llength $rbl] for {set i 0} {$i < $nrbl} {incr i 1} { lappend dofl 123456 } *createarray $nrbl [puts $dofl] for {set i 0} {$i < $nrbl} {incr i 1} { lappend wgh1 1.500000 } *createdoublearray $nrbl [puts $wgh1] *createnode -341.761 9.994e-02 1.549 0 0 0 *createmark nodes 2 "by sphere" -341.761 9.994e-02 1.549 0.2 inside 1 all 0 *rbe3 1 1 $nrbl 1 $nrbl [hm_getmark nodes 2] 123456 0 ######################################################################## At the end of the day, I want to generate following RBE3;
  13. Knee Extension Testing .zipHi there, I have a problem to open these input files in Hypermesh. The user who generated the input files said, it was developed using Hypermesh. However, when I import to the Hypermesh, I ve got errors and warning. These files was generated for Abaqus CAE. So, because of some problems during converting, it cannot open in Abaqus CAE. Anyone can help me? Please. I ve attached the files here. Also you can download it from the link here. http://digitalcommons.du.edu/natural_knee_data/1/ DUO1 - >Finite Element Model for Knee Extension Testing (4.3 MB) Knee Extension Testing .zip
  14. Hello, I have a plastic part subjected to heated air and I want to simulate the thermal expansion (no CFD required, just a simplified thermal expansion with temperature inputs is sufficient). I am using HyperMesh for pre and post processing and my solver is Abaqus. I have no idea how to do this, already tried the Joule heating solver, static solver, explicit solver, etc always get some errors which has no meaning intuitively. Can anybody tell me how to go ahead with this? If there is a tutorial or a pdf on this topic what would be very helpful.
  15. Hallo, i want to convert an abaqus modell to an optistruct modell via the hypermesh convert makro. With most of the entities it works fine, but with some not. For example the section properties especially the beam section, connector section and solid section cards are not supported in conversion. The abaqus modell was build up in ansa and now I want to do a topology optimization in hypermesh optistruct. How can I handle this problem? Are there any configuration files for those or any other not supported cards and where can I find them? Thank you in advance. MT
  16. How to apply both Gravity and pressure in Hypermesh Abaqus interface?
  17. Hi all, I am using Hypermesh of Hyperworks 14.0 to mesh my Geometry and eventually load them into Abaqus (2016) to do the simulation. (Export as .inp Input Deck) I have a rather large assembly with at least 6 components at the detail of the simulation but also want to export the full assembly with >100 components. Now when I meshed all to-be-exported parts and do the export, all the exported parts cannot be loaded as seperate parts but as a combined part. That's not really helpful, as I need to allocate materials, loads etc. pp. My workaround currently to have seperate parts in Abaqus is to export all components seperately. However this brings me all parts as individual models in Abaqus which is not helpful when having >100 components. Also the Abaqus-Tool to seperate the mesh deos not help as there are parts intersecting each other and other parts which get falsely seperated. I also checked with Ansys, same problem, so it seems to be some kind of setting in Hypermesh.. Really appreciate any help and thoughts! Thanks in advance J
  18. Hi everyone, I created a textile model using TexGen which allows me to directly create ABAQUS .inp file (I am using voxel mesh). This file can be opened perfectly in ABAQUS. However, when I tried to import the same file to Hypermesh (through import-->solver deck-->the ABAQUS .inp file), the file cannot be opened. Could somebody please kindly give me a suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you.
  19. Sir, What if I do all preprocessing for a forming setup in any one of the HyperForm userprofiles and I want to export it to Abaqus Explicit Solver deck? Can I do that? I tried, however I found everything (material, loads, etc.) empty except for the parts (meshed instances) in Abaqus CAE- View Model GUI.
  20. I would like to know how can an input file (.inp) be imported in hypermesh through the command line( without using the GUI). The user profile of the .inp is abaqus. In short, I require the command line (from the Command prompt) to import the .inp file in to hypermesh.
  21. Hi, I am trying to convert Abaqus to Radioss block format. When doing so, I am facing an error ("Error: 0"). I have attached the images with this post. I have checked the ABAQUS input file and could find no error in it. Is this happening due to any other issue? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards.
  22. About assembly and ABAQUS

    Hi, I want to put the cylinder part in a base part, and then want to use ABAQUS to solve FEM. I use Hypermesh for generating mesh. Should I generate 3D mesh for the cylinder and the base separately in Hypermesh, and then assemble them in ABAQUS ? Or, Should I make an assembly before porting to ABAQUS ?
  23. Abaqus MPC on Hypermesh

    Hello all, Does anyone knows how to create all the types of Abaqus MPC's on Hypermesh? I went to the element type panel, but it seems that just some of the avaliable types can be created as rigid's (BEAM, LINK, PIN and TIE), however, some other types that appear on Abaqus Analysis User’s guide – 35.2.2 (ELBOW, REVOLUTE, SLIDER, etc) cannot be selected. Best regards, Lawrence
  24. Hello, I try to plot the Forming Limit Diagram of a deep drawing process in Hyperview 12.0. As input file for Hyperview I use an .odb File, that was created by Abaqus/CAE 6.13-1. When I plot the contour in Hyperview the "result type" dropdown menu gives me the option to select "PE-Plastic strain components (s)" and as a result the values for plastic strain are equivalent in Abaqus and Hyperview. Unfortunatley, when I try to plot the FLD, the "result type" dropdown menu is not giving me any choice and is set to "PE-Global-Plastic strain components" on default. Clicking on the little arrow on the dropdown menu isn't doing anything at all. With the "PE-Global-Plastic strain" selected I get way higher values for my FLD. Why can't I set the "result type" on the FLD tab to "PE-Plastic strain components (s)" instead of "PE-Global-Plastic strain components"? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards, Fabian
  25. Hello all, I am relatively new to hypermesh and I have some difficulties to make my model run. My model is a solid model of an anisotropic material. I have conciously checked the material orientation of the different components thanks to a TCL script that I've been given and all the elements are oriented how they should be. However, when defining the material property, I don't see what I am supposed to do. I have selected the Orientation, UseOrientationId option, which set the value to 0. However, when running the model, it crashes because of this error: ***ERROR: PARAMETER ORIENTAT MUST HAVE A VALUE LINE IMAGE: *SOLID SECTION, ELSET=HMprop_Resin, ORIENTATION = , MATERIAL=Central adhesive *SOLID SECTION, ELSET=HMprop_Resin, ORIENTATION = , MATERIAL=Central adhesive So where should I set that the orientation is the mesh orientation? Thanks in advance,