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  1. Static Analysis using Opti struct

    Hi Arun, Can you check if there are any free nodes exists in your model? Run a normal modes analysis and check if there are any rigid body modes.
  2. How to set non-design region of bolt hole

    Hi, It is always suggested to use a different component to move the elements around the bolt (at least a row) and use as non-design space. I don't think there is a way to make nodes as non-design.
  3. Topology Optimisation of Trusses problem

    HI Ninad, I see that you are using ROD element and you can use the area as a design variable. To use thickness use a different element type. Also, at the end of optimization, a .prop file will be written with new area/thickness/etc... information
  4. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    HI Venkatesh, Please refer to these tutorials:
  5. press fit simulation

    Hi @mukesh more Please refer to this post:
  6. HI, It should the unit which you used. What about displacements? Can you add ENFMOTN>>REL card and check the results?
  7. Well, maybe this how it was programmed at the beginning. Proposed, In next version shuffling with MAXSUCC constraint will support all angles.

    Hi @Fabiano.Pagliarini Did you see Input data for thermal analysis on OptiStruct help? SteadyState.docx
  9. Compare CAD and FE

    Hi prakash, i would like to compare cad model and its FEM file which was meshed separately... And now I need to combine both to compare, by importing FEM file into CAD model.....to verify they have captured important CAD model surfaces...
  10. Contact and interface

    SSID is the Slave entry ID and MSID is for the master. SRCHDIS is the search distance and varies with the type of contact.
  11. Topology Optimisation of Trusses problem

    HI, Here is a sample file of your model. Please change the parameters of your choice and run the analysis. SIZE OPTIMISATION01.fem
  12. Will param W3 effect transient analysis?

    HI, W3 converts structural damping to equivalent viscous damping Generally, in transient analysis the proper selection of the damping value becomes less important for very short duration events, such as crash impulse or a shock blast. The specification of the damping value becomes more important for long duration loadings (such as earthquakes) and is critical for loadings (such as sine dwells) that continually add energy into the system.
  13. Hi Arun, .spcf folder should be available in the working directory if you have requested for spcfs. Can you please explain?
  14. Topology Optimization thickness Constraints

    Hi @Rohan kulkarni I will check and update you soon on this. Fox MAXDIM has to be at least 6 times average element size.
  15. Leaf spring analysis

    Hi Pratik, I am afraid there are too many errors with contact surfaces. Plese select 3Dfaces when creating contact surfaces for 3D elements. I am sharing a sample model for Nonlinear transient which uses LGDISP NL_Transient.fem
  16. HI, Please refer to this post:
  17. Topology Optimisation of Trusses problem

    Hi @NINAD What type of optimization do you want to carry? In your last post, you have DSIZE variable with no design parameters. Please refer to size optimization tutorials if you are interested in sizing
  18. Hi @Merula If you look at the stack after shuffling, only 0, 90 plies followed MAXSUCC rule but rest were ignored (0, 60). This is intended. The current mechanism accepts only 0/90/45/-45 Developers are already working on in to make a more robust optimization tool.
  19. Hi @Murasoli The TLOAD1 looks fine. You are passing the solver that the load type is acceleration.
  20. HI, Is it specific to your model? Can you check with another model on the same machine with the same version?
  21. Hi, I am sorry but could you please explain what do you mean by excitation input in SPCD? Do you mean in TLOADi card?
  22. RBE 3 dependent node d

    HI Gopal, DId yo constrain the dependent node of the RBE3 and applying a motion on the same? Is it possible to show us an image of the same?
  23. Modal effectctive Mass

    Hi @denizbilgili Yeah, this could be due to the difference in modal participation factor.
  24. Modal effectctive Mass

    Hi @denizbilgili After some debugging, I got the MEM equal to total mass for components. Please request 10 modes and don't start with V1=1
  25. Composite materials

    Hi, This is in development phase right now and may be implemented in the incoming version of HyperWorks. Developers are working to make it possible with MDS and HX. I will keep you informed about this whenever there is an update