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  1. Prakash Pagadala

    Bumper model set up (Interface error)

    Hi @Wisawanart There are elements with length less than 0.1 and they are causing the problem in the interface (see the image below) Please check and correct the same.
  2. Prakash Pagadala

    Compliance Calculation for Multi Components

    Hi @Farzin Please use OUTPUT>>REGCOMPL>>YES
  3. Prakash Pagadala

    Plotting natural frequency

    Hi @Nigue001 If your load follows a frequency Vs load curve, please use FRF. If it is time Vs load, run a transient analysis
  4. Prakash Pagadala

    Balance between volume fraction and element density threshold

    Hi @Izzdham Shah Can you share a reference of MINDENS and Volume fraction relation? Why not use Mass with absolute target value instead of a fraction?
  5. Prakash Pagadala

    Error 312

    Hi, I will check the file and update you soon.
  6. Prakash Pagadala

    Optimise ply orientation for minimum deflection

    @Joep As suggested, it is always better to start with thickness optimization with a varied orientation. Please see the image for more information. The predicted orientations may not be practical and any degree in the angle may lead to failure.
  7. Prakash Pagadala

    Add Results (Post page)

    Hi @Farzin Have you tried Linear interpolation in Forces panel? You can also try with Map force tool available in Aerospace profile. Go to Aerospace>> Loads/BCs>> Map loads
  8. Prakash Pagadala

    Problems in BCS

    @Pritam K Here are the findings: Make sure the ID 50903429 is the id of Master node (RBID) of RBODY and not the element ID In the second Engine file I could see /RBODY/OFF on 50903429, so the BC on that node will not be applied. This is the main reason why it is not working.
  9. Prakash Pagadala

    Problems in BCS

    Hi @Pritam K Can you try BCSR to release the Dofs from the 1st engine and retain what is necessary and check if that helps?
  10. Prakash Pagadala

    Problems in BCS

    Hi Pritam, I ran a similar case on a simple model as your model is taking time to complete. BCS/TRA works fine on a simple plate model. Right now, I am checking your model and I will get back to you with details.
  11. Prakash Pagadala

    Bumper model set up (Interface error)

    Hi @Wisawanart I am looking into the issue and I see that the penetrations are also one of the causes of the error. There are few mesh errors. Like crushed tria and quad elements which are part of the self interface which are also causing the error.
  12. Prakash Pagadala

    Enforced displacement

    Hi @Mani kumar Please create an SPC on the existing SPCD with the same Dof active as SPCD.
  13. Prakash Pagadala

    How to obtain a .grid file from topology study

    @Tom Barnes Yes, no grid file will be generated for TOPOLOGY optimization.
  14. Prakash Pagadala

    Plotting natural frequency

    Hi, What type of analysis is it? If it is FRF analysis, for example, you can request Displacement and plot graphs. You should also see a .freq.mvw which has all animation and plotting information.
  15. Prakash Pagadala

    Tutorial OS-T 1600

    Hi, Is this happening for all time steps in the transient analysis? Regarding FSI, our experts are testing the models and I will update you as soon as I get any information from them.