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  1. Hi Prakash,


    I need a Automotive Hm file to practice, Crash Analysis using Radioss.


    I have gone through the video tutorials of it.


    For training, I needed the basic HM file with th connector file (Separately), which I noticed from the book “Introduction to explicit analysis by Radioss” (in Pg No. 388).

  2. Pretension manager

    Hi @dracu777 I wrote to experts and they requested more details: please share a slide about how the user applied the bolt pretension force and how she/he calculated the sum of the gpforces on a section of the bolt? If a demonstrative model can be shared, it would also be helpful to understand it better.
  3. Rigid body

    @Novak You can apply enforced displacement using SPCD. https://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/22600-displacement-as-load-in-optistruct/&tab=comments#comment-55971 optistruct_model2.fem

    Hi, Can you share the model file, please? Please use the file transfer link in my signature to share the model file
  5. FBD create not shown

    Hi @dracu777 Can you share details about the version and updates you are using? Maybe by fitting the FBD area will reveal the other options. Can you check if reducing the subcase area helps?
  6. Hi, Not yet, I have shared details already awaiting feedback. I will leave a reminder.
  7. Non design space cone

    Two ways, as @tinh said, mesh and organize or Split the solid geometry and move into different components.
  8. Hi Prakash,


    Can you share Radioss crash criteria file of a model(Any)..


    It would be helpful if you provide the Hm file for the same.

  9. Rigid body

    Hi, Selec nodes by face and select any one node on top
  10. Problem of contact between pretension

    Then, I would say wait for the final result. As said before, .nl will only help to monitor non-linear run, but what you see is not the final animation.
  11. Rigid body

    Hi, The center node should be your dependent node and independent should be top nodes when creating RBE3 Why not use RBE2 instead?
  12. Problem of contact between pretension

    Hi @LKZ Yes, I got the files. BTW, the animation you posted is it from final h3d or from <filename>.nl.h3d?
  13. Analysing stepped lap joint

    I have updated the file. I will share that file with you soon,
  14. Analysing stepped lap joint

    Hi, I missed your comment, So the error is with the element used in different laminates. I will update you soon on this.
  15. Exporting Deformed Shapes From HyperView

    Hi @LKZ Do you get any error message when you use solid: using bounding surfaces? Can you unselect as shown in below image and check if you are able to get solid geometry? or Can you try with a different format?