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  1. Move component within Hypermesh tree

  2. Pshell (CQUAD4) Zoff not shown in Property card

    if i set zoff in pshell while i am in optistruct profile. will this work if i am running the model through nastran. my company does not allow optistruct?
  3. Move component within Hypermesh tree

    Thanks Kevin, suppose i have two assembly explain below Assembly_1 -component_1 - Component_2 Assemblt _2 -component_3 - Component_4 is it possible to slide component_3 into Assembly_1? Thanks
  4. Pshell (CQUAD4) Zoff not shown in Property card

    Sorry, guys i got my answer. it is under the card edit.
  5. Hi All, I cann't see the Zoff on my property panel. I need to offsett the property since the elements are not created in the mid surface.
  6. Hi All , how do i Change the size of coordinate local system in hypermesh ? right now all my local coordinate are very tiny so i can't even see them. Please tell me how do i enlarge them. Thanks Ray
  7. Move component within Hypermesh tree

    Hi Tinh, can't follow. can you please explain more with picture?
  8. Move component within Hypermesh tree

    HI All, can you please tell me if i can move the component up and down in model view in hypermesh for better organization. On my attached file i want o move Aft_Spigot_pin_5 down and Aft_Spigot_pin_4 up.
  9. Hi All, I need to know how to display applied force in xyz components. All i see the the resultant. Reason for this is i need to only modify x-component of all 20 different force. Thanks Ray
  10. Component is empty?

    F2-delete and preview empty sounds like a good option but it says 4 entities are empty. But i have over 200 components but which 4 entities? its really hard. thanks
  11. Component is empty?

    HI All, what is the best way to know if the component is empty. I do not want to delete if there is anything. Some time the nodes, elements are mask and there is a change that you might accidently delete them. Thanks Ray
  12. Display Existing Mesh seeds

    Hi All, This should be very easy question. I want to know how manu nodes along a edge. How do i display the mesh seed from a surface that's already meshed? The reason i am asking this question if i am meshong two surface two different times. I want to know how elements are there on surface that is already meshed. I dont want to waster time counting them. Thanks
  13. Determine max./min. element and node ids

    Thanks Tinh. You always give me the right answer!!
  14. Determine max./min. element and node ids

    I mean how to know max./min IDs used currently on the FEM. it will help me renumbering of elmenet and nodes.