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  1. Great! I too searched something similar @tinh
  2. Hi @Toan Nguyen it is working for me. is it because of the hypermesh version? I am using 2017 version.
  3. Hi @Toan Nguyen this could work for you. set sysId 1 hm_getcrossreferencedentities systems $sysId 7 1 0 0 -byid hm_getmark nodes 1
  4. @tinh @0815 thanks for the replies In my case i need the user to select a particular region using that option. As of now i found a solution by creating faces and calling *createmarkpanel elems 1 "Please select the elements" 1, then delete faces which is giving same output.
  5. Hi @tinh, It is opening the panel, but how do i get the output elements from this? or how do i set the selected elements to a particular group?
  6. @tinh, it will open when we click on slave entity ids in the left panel. I am using hm 2017 version.
  7. Hello all, Anyone knows how to open the panel shown below using tcl commands?
  8. vipin

    How to use query commands

    Hi @alexdonner Sorry for late reply, yes you are right about the output mark. It should be working if surfs ids present in the mark. Can you share the code?
  9. vipin

    How to use query commands

    Not sure about any direct command for shared elements. But you can use *findmark to find elements attached to nodes(since you already have nodes from previous command).
  10. vipin

    Error Running in Batch Mode

    Hi Alec, 1. you can add this line to your tcl file hm_framework loaduserprofile OptiStruct "" 2. From the error you got, i think this data name "OS_SPCID" is something specific to optistruct
  11. vipin

    Error Running in Batch Mode

    Hi I think it could be because your hypermesh is in some other profile. Try changing profile to optistruct in the tcl file.
  12. vipin

    How to use query commands

    Hi alex, open command window from menu. View -> Command window And there you can write the commands, for example paste these lines in command window and you will get output. *createmark comps 1 109 hm_getnodessharedbyothercomps 1 1 0 hm_getmark nodes 1 Change component id as per your model.
  13. Hi tomislav try this *createmark nodes 1 "by set" NSET *createmark nodes 2 "by box" $x1 $y1 $z1 $x2 $y2 $z2 0 inside 0 1 0 *markdifference nodes 1 nodes 2 *entitysetupdate "NSET" nodes 1
  14. Hi tlewis, I think mvec will only matter if you are creating an elliptical cylinder(direction b in this image). Create a node using the mvec coordinates you got from command.tcl, it will give you some idea.
  15. Hey @tinh Thank you so much!! problem solved.