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  1. Output

    yeah will do.. have a great day!
  2. Output

    hi rahul, that's alright.. i figured it out.. it was because i opened the .nl.h3d file instead of the .h3d file. kind regards, KBE
  3. Hi Prakash, yeah I noticed that later on.. thank you - KBE
  4. Tinh, it's working, it was a very stupid mistake. I opened the .h3d file and set the animation mode to "set transient animation mode" and it's working. Thank you so much. - Kaushely
  5. ok, i opened the .h3d file and found the result options but everything is 0. Unlike the .nl.h3d file, i can not see any displacement or deformation.
  6. I opened the .nl.h3d file and I didn't get any errors but there are some warnings. See below: *** WARNING # 6328 Loadcase 1 contains a GPSTRESS output request but NLOUT incremental output isn't available for that result type. Results will be output for the last increment exclusively. *** WARNING # 6328 Loadcase 1 contains a GPSTRAIN output request but NLOUT incremental output isn't available for that result type. Results will be output for the last increment exclusively. When I open the .h3d file, i can't see any movement.
  7. Tinh, I still can not visualize the stress and strain results. Maybe it's a setting in hyperview that I have to change? Please see attached image. thank you -Kaushely
  8. do I have to deactivate the normal stress and strain? and set the format to H3D for GPSTRESS and GPSYRAIN?
  9. yeah ok, hold on. Ill do that and send you the results shortly
  10. element types as whether they are solids or shells? both elements are solids and they are both cylindrical components. I am trying to encase one component with the other.
  11. Hi again I found where to change the format, but it still doesn't work. Is there anything else that I have to define along with the format? I didn't see that you requested just the global_output_request details. Please see the attached images. I await your response Thank you -Kaushely
  12. Hello Prakash, Due to confidentiality, I can not share the file with you. Can you please explain where i can define H3D for the stress and strain? Thank you - Kaushely
  13. Error #186

    ooh, I should have mentioned that I also changed the MORIENT in the contact group to NORM and in PCONT, I activated STFEXP. It was blank before. That might have been the reason for the contact error. Not sure though because I am new to this.
  14. Hello, I did a calculation on Optistruct via Hypermesh demanding the output results for the displacement, stress and strain but on Hyperview I can only see the results for the displacement. Can someone please tell me if I have forgotten to enter a data necessary to view the strain and stress on hyperview? In the NLSTAT, I activated Displacement, Strain and Stress for the OUTPUT and did the same for the GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST card. I await your response, Please and thank you KBE