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  1. Coaxial feed excitation using FEM modal port

    Hi JIF, Thank you for your timely suggestions and useful information. I really appreciate your help. --Kalyan
  2. Coaxial feed excitation using FEM modal port

    Hi JIF, Thanks for your suggestions. I tried out all the options you mentioned in your previous 2 replies. We tweaked the geometry from last time for faster results. However, I could still not eliminate the feeding problem either with the outer metal as PEC or as dielectric material surrounded by air region. Attached are the .cfx and error message (.jpg) files for the both models. When using the dielectric material and air region, which face needs to be selected as FEM modal port? Also, I am not aware on how to do a mesh convergence study. If you have any link, cfx file or attachment that explains about this study, please share it with me. I really appreciate your help. --Kalyan FWM_FEM_outercoaxasdm.cfx FWM_FEM__Outercoaxaspec.cfx
  3. Coaxial feed excitation using FEM modal port

    The only reason I decided to use FEM instead of MoM is the computational time and also I am only interested in the z-directed E-field, right above the patches. As you know, MoM calculates the impedance matrix and hence I would like to avoid that in my case to save computational time. Please correct me if I am wrong here. But, thanks for the "unit cell" suggestion, I will definitely give it a try.
  4. Coaxial feed excitation using FEM modal port

    Hello, I have been trying to excite the coax feed using a FEM modal port, however, I am seeing an error, which says "Missing buffer zone for the FEM region when decoupling MoM and FEM". Can somebody please help me understand what this error means and solution to this error ? The outer cylinder of coax is copper and the inner cylinder is a pec. Also, is there anyway in FEKO to accelerate meshing for large structures? Attached is the design that I am working on. I really appreciate any suggestions or help. Thanks. DESIGN_MOM_updated.cfx