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  1. Radioss

    Thank you very much for your reply
  2. I have done Bowling simulation with the help of Radioss.I have solved the model without error.When I saw the results, the pins were going down without the contact of the ball. I don't know either it is due to gravity load or not? I attached the animation file below.Please give suggestions, if you find the problem. ball pin.avi
  3. Post analysi

    Thank you
  4. Results

    Thank you, it worked
  5. Post analysi

    Post analysis, "Von Mises stress & displacement values with respective observation".what is this,and how can i do post analysis of Von mises stress&displacement values in hyperview
  6. Results

    After running the file which you attached I got below mentioned error. If you don't mind can you give guidlines to run postprocessing in radioss?
  7. Results

    I attached the mode0001.out file, take a look model_0001.out
  8. Results

    I attached the engine file, please take a look model_0001.rad
  9. Results

    In Radioss after the completion of Analysis results are not displaying in the solver folder, it doesn't create animated files to see results. Only below-mentioned files were created.How can I see the results with hyper view.
  10. material type

    I want to add law1 material type to the Radioss model file, but I did not find that material type in the Radioss card library.
  11. warp angle

    thank you
  12. warp angle

    I want to mesh on below area.Can you suggest which type of method would be better to reduce skewness error? very very thanks for your rply
  13. warp angle

    I created tetra mesh, I have 0 failed elements in tet collapse.In skew failed elements are 1500.
  14. warp angle

    Then what about me.
  15. warp angle

    I have participated in a contest.SO they give marks for good geometry cleanup and mesh quality, Is my mesh enough to get the marks?