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  1. Busra ASlan

    von mises stress in lattice opti.

    Hı @Prakash Pagadala, Thank you for everything. I understand, Stress constraint has little effect for lattice structure. When I examine lattice type (1, 2, 3, 4) seems to have little an effect. Ok, then which parameter should I use for the changes analysis result aside from lower and upper bound lattice. I tried stress constraint for topology optimization, but I still can not see any changes. Analysis----optimization---topology---parameters---stress constraint... As I change stress constraint have to change element stress and displacement values, is that correct ?
  2. Busra ASlan

    von mises stress in lattice opti.

    Thank you for your answer. But the same error occurred when I resolved it again. I share my files with you. Can you check?
  3. Busra ASlan

    von mises stress in lattice opti.

    Hı, I want to create stress restriction in lattice optimization. So I am changing the value in the image below. But I do not see any change when I check the analysis results. (von mises). Can you help me?
  4. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Beam Radius Change

    Hı @Prakash Pagadala , I tied your advice. I changed MAXRAD and MINRAD but I have a problem. I can not see the variance in the analysis results. I want to share my files with you. I do not understand these result. If you understand my mistake, please can you tell me? Thank you. 4.rar 10.rar 11.rar
  5. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Beam Radius Change

    Hı, Yes, I did. But there has not been any change in analysis, so I processed the button,I showed below, and I observed changes in the analysis. I think this parameter can be used. Could you try and tell me the result?
  6. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Beam Radius Change

    Thank you for your answer. If I want to change beam properties, I should use specifying in the picture. OK. Can I change values such as beam thickness and radius with the following information?
  7. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Beam Radius Change

    Hı; I am doing lattice optimization structure using optistruct. I can change POROSITY or LATLB in phase 1. But I want to make changes in the beams. In other words, I want to change the values such as the lattice beam radius, the thickness in the phase 2 (sizing optimization). Can I do this? Thank you, Good work.
  8. Busra ASlan

    license error 9

    Hı , I dowload exe. folders from the site (connect.altair.com). But get a error in installation as a picture. Can you help me?
  9. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Example

    Hı I could do it. I think the problem caused by forces and contraints. Thank you for interesting. have a nice day.
  10. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Example

    Hı @Prakash Pagadala I am sorry for late reply. For example I'm trying to do basic beam analysis. And I get error like picture or lattice structure is not created. Thank you.
  11. Busra ASlan

    Lattice Example

    Hı, I am trying to perform a simple lattice optimization using optistruct. I could do OS-3300: Using the Lattice Optimization Process in OptiStruct model. But it is not enough for me to understand. I tried to myself on various model but it made error. Can you help me in terms of example or suggestion? Thank you, Good work.