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  1. Hi Tinh, Thanks For reply.. actually i forgot to free temp memory allocation for automesher... *ameshclearsurface This api solved issue regards, PD
  2. Hi all, I am getting segmentation error....when try to run same scripts second time on same model...and then hypermesh get crashed.... Please share solution if any one know about it. Thanks & Regards, PD
  3. Yes I have done that... I have one query ... When i find loops...I get ordered list But if I find edges...I didn't get same Why so? Thanks once again.. Regards PD
  4. Hi Tinh, it worked....but still getting some gap... see attachment... any workaround. regards, PD
  5. thanks for reply. 3. how to get nodelist in order? 8. ?? also please suggest some API... Regards, PD
  6. Hi Tinh Please give some direction...so that i can work on that Regards, PD
  7. Tinh and Dai, is there any way to automate this? ----->> https://www2.gdtech.eu/wp/2018/02/fill-gap-two-shell-meshes/ Regards, PD
  8. Hi, I went through that link but i have query.... 1. no lines in model so how can i create surface by Lines as shown in model... 2. do i have to create lines as well for this or any other option?? 3. how to ensure same node on existing meshes all other things i understood...... Regards, PD
  9. Hi Tinh, want to connect tetra meshed and shell meshed(could be tri or quad) comps with quad mesh. if tri on shell meshed comps ..i have to delete them at vicinity of weld...create quad at deleted portion....then have to renumber these one near by layer of quad at weld in series...and also nodes on weld.... things i automated till now as per my logic: 1. projected duplicate nodes from tetra meshed comp on shell meshed...perpendecular 2. then by drag->nodes planer to shell meshed comps... consider i created yellow meshed(ref attachment) now i want to delete some portion of shell meshed comps( green in attachment) then connect yellow with green...... manually this takes much time to work out... so want to automate this... Regards, PD
  10. Yes you are absolutely right... What should i do now?? Thanks & Regards, PD
  11. Hi, Actually i am writing script to create weld between 2 comps. so as per requirement there should be quad elements around weld...so here i m creating weld with quad around it. now i want to connect these quad with green comp mesh( this mesh could be tri or quad or mixed) by deleting some portion from it.. how can i do that manually. Please can u give me steps for this... i will get some idea... Thanks PD
  12. Hi all, I have 2 mesh components..yellow and green considering yellow comp size...giving some tolerance of at least 2 elements size of green one...want to delete some portion from green as shown... then create mesh between these two comp...shape can be tri or quad or mixed. This is shell mesh... element size of both are different... no surface available for this 2 I want to automate these things... 1 . Delete some portion from green...considering size of yellow 2. Create mesh between yellow and green keeping connectivity in mind.. please help me out... if any one have any idea... Thanks & Regards, PD