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  1. Hi All, I have Abaqus odb files. I want to extract the "Equivalent Plastic Strain" "Max Deflection" "permanent Set" for last subcase and create report in html format. want to write script in hyperview...Please guide me if anyone knows about this... @tinh @Imoto Regards, PD
  2. Pandurang

    get the adjacent component...

    Hi Tinh, i am getting only rigid link component here ...may be because 2 or more comps are connected by rigid link... i want to get that comps adjacent to selected one , connected by rigid links... selected and adjacent have gap in between.... how can i resolve this? Thanks PD
  3. Hi All, I have BIW Model. by selecting one component , want to get its adjacent components.... Is there any way to do this automatically.... @tinh Regards, PD
  4. Pandurang

    Node selection panel

    Try this ...u will get exactly what u want proc getPanel {} { hm_callpanel distance } hm_setpanelproc getPanel;
  5. This is useful to me Thanks @sandeepballiwar
  6. Hi All, input: only one node and x direction I have BIW model. depend on any one node selection on body... i want to delete right or left part of model. Cutting plane will be y-z. left or right part would be depend on x direction (+ or -) want to automate this... Please suggest me if any one have logic....
  7. @Jouher Please try this script ......I am able to change the name of comp through table ########## variable table; proc SetValueCallback {row col value } { variable table set id [$table cellget $row,cid] *setvalue comps id=$id name=$value return true } proc main {} { ::hwtk::dialog .d -title "Abaqus Component Table" set table [::hwtk::table [.d recess].table] pack $table -fill both -expand true $table columncreate cid -type int -text "Comp ID" $table columncreate cname -text "Comp Name" -validatecommand "SetValueCallback %I %C %V" $table columncreate cthk -type int -text "Thickness" $table columncreate Mname -text "Material Name" *createmark comps 1 displayed set cmp [hm_getmark comps 1] set lnd [hm_marklength comps 1] for {set j 1} {$j <= $lnd} {incr j} { foreach CMP $cmp { set lm [hm_getcollectorname comps $CMP] set thk [hm_getthickness comps $CMP] set Pt [hm_getvalue comps id=$CMP dataname=propertyid] if {$Pt==0} { set values "cid $CMP cthk {Not Assigned} cname $lm Mname {Not Assigned}"; $table rowinsert end row$j -values $values incr j } elseif {$Pt!=0} { set MaT [hm_getvalue props id=$Pt dataname=material.name] *createmark materials 1 "by name" $MaT set Mnd [hm_marklength mats 1] if {$Mnd==0} { set values "cid $CMP cthk $thk cname $lm Mname {Not Assigned}"; $table rowinsert end row$j -values $values incr j } elseif {$Mnd!=0} { set values "cid $CMP cthk $thk cname $lm Mname $MaT"; $table rowinsert end row$j -values $values incr j } } } } .d post } main
  8. Pandurang

    NASTRAN Element Config IDs

    Check it...may help u or go to help>search elements>filter Hypermesh>Nastran
  9. hm_framework loaduserprofile profilename
  10. - create list of surfaces -create list of comps -use loop to to move the surfs to comps
  11. Hi, Please try this: *createmarkpanel elems 1 "Select elements" set elem_id [hm_getmark elems 1] *clearmark elems 1 set config [hm_getentityvalue elems $elem_id config 0] # element normal set elem_normal [hm_getelementnormal $elem_id edge 1] #node list set node_list [hm_getvalue elems id=$elem_id dataname=nodes]; # centroid set centerX [hm_getentityvalue elems $elem_id centerx 0] set centerY [hm_getentityvalue elems $elem_id centery 0] set centerZ [hm_getentityvalue elems $elem_id centerz 0] #create node at Center *createnode $centerX $centerY $centerZ 0; #translate node *createmark nodes 1 -1; set center_node [hm_getmark nodes 1] # create vector *vectorcreate 1 {*}$elem_normal 0; switch $config { 104 { set Short_dia [hm_getentityvalue elems $elem_id shortestdiagonal 0] *translatemark nodes 1 1 $Short_dia; #create pyramid *createlist nodes 1 {*}$node_list $center_node *createelement 205 1 1 1 } 103 { set Short_side [hm_getentityvalue elems $elem_id shortestside 0] *translatemark nodes 1 1 $Short_side; #create tetra *createlist nodes 1 {*}$node_list $center_node *createelement 204 1 1 1 } } *clearmark nodes 1 *clearlist nodes 1 #delete vector *createmark vector 1 -1; *deletemark vector 1 *nodecleartempmark
  12. Pandurang

    HM Automation

    @jude Antro please try this: *createmarkpanel comps 1 " Select the component " *findfaces comps 1; *createmark elems 1 "by comp name" ^faces; eval *createmark elems 2 [hm_getmark elems 1] *appendmark elems 1 "by adjacent" *markdifference elems 1 elems 2 set outer_elems [hm_getmark elems 1]
  13. Hi Jouher, ###Script *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select node"; set node1 [hm_getmark nodes 1] *createmark components 1 displayed *findloops components 1; *createmark comps 2 -1; *isolateonlyentitybymark 2; *createmark elems 1 "by node" $node1; set elist [hm_getmark elems 1] *clearmark elems 1; #filter the plot elem foreach id $elist { *createmark elems 1 $id; if {[hm_getmarkvalue elems 1 config 0] == 2} \ { break; } } *appendmark elems 1 "by attached" eval *createmark elems 2 [hm_getmark elems 1]; #get required node list in order set nlist [lremove [hm_getmarkvalue elems 2 nodes 0] $node] please try this........