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  1. Server based license error

    Thanks Q.Nguyen-Dai it's good to know about the feature.
  2. Hi all, I got this error when connect to license server from another country, through OpenVPN GUI. On AlmUtil, the host address and port number are recognized properly. But I cannot open any feature. We have spent hours on it without any result. What could be wrong? Please help to check
  3. Server based license error

    Hi, after unifying the time zone with license server, it's working fine now I'm using 4-5 CAE softwares, but only Hyperworks gets this problem...
  4. Server based license error

    The server address is The others are user addresses
  5. Server based license error

    Sorry that you can't read the attachment. It's like the text from AlmUtil on my first picture. I've got the server log: ================================================================ [2018-01-10 07:31:30] Multiple Checkout request for 3 features. [2018-01-10 07:31:30] CHECKOUT by tram.nguyen@simvietnam01 []: GlobalZoneEU (21000 licenses) [2018-01-10 07:31:30] CHECKOUT by tram.nguyen@simvietnam01 []: HyperWorks (21000 licenses) [2018-01-10 07:31:30] CHECKOUT by tram.nguyen@simvietnam01 []: HWHyperMesh (21000 licenses) ================================================================ [2018-01-09 04:24:48] STATUS by tam.nguyen@lenovoz70-80v4 [] [2018-01-09 04:25:18] STATUS by tam.nguyen@lenovoz70-80v4 [] ================================================================
  6. Server based license error

    Hi Q.Nguyen-Dai, Thanks for your response. I don't have permission to access the server. I get this log from LMX End-user Config tool only, please check the attachment. end_user_log.txt
  7. HyperWorks license is not working on my computer (server type), although the server can be found on ALMUtil. What could be wrong? Please help me check.