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  1. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    Hi Prakash, I tried it with the MMAT format and I got some results. But I do not know how to interpret it . I get the result type as 1. material and 2. element density. I know what element density result type is but with the material type, it ranges from a value of 0 to 4. I have considered 6 materials for the optimization. Could you please let me know what it signifies? Thank you Best regards Kate
  2. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    I should leave the component property unspecified, assign the properties to all elements and just add all the properties created to the list of properties in dtpl card . This is the procedure right?
  3. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    Hi, I tried to use the model checker. It gives a warning of unused property . Is this normal while using more materials for a single component ? Or have I done some mistake again? Also, is there any way of knowing in the post process where which material has been used? Thanks a lot
  4. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    Sorry found the problem. Hopefully I get the result Im hoping for. Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    Using only Psolid.
  6. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    Hi thanks for the quick reply. I tried it. I get an error message: *** ERROR 14: Missing property # 1 referenced by CHEXA # 301. what does this mean? Sorry about this but im a beginner at using optistruct. Appreciate your help a lot!
  7. Kate

    Multimaterial Optimization

    Hi, Is it possible to assign different isotropic materials with Psolid property to a single component? No assemblies , just one component. If yes, could you please tell me the process? Thank you