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  1. enforced displacement

    I''m doing non linear quasi static, i have 170 contacts in my model. Want to check the contact force when contact stress exceeds 2000 Mpa value. I have to give displacement to shaft and constrained the hub.
  2. enforced displacement

    Dear All, can you please help me with, How to apply enforced displacement on shaft and fixed constraints on hub as shown in figure. i'm confused in load collectors, where to assign spc and where to assign spcd and in which collector. also want to know about search distance option what it means actually. is it a gap between contacting bodies? regards, Ganesh
  3. ERROR # 3423

    how to resolve this eror
  4. error id 55

    Dear All, how can i resolve it. im having all solid elements in my model. gap between two part is 0.2mm friction is 0.05 what additional parameters i need to choose in type 24. i'm doing failure analysis with JC material model regards, Ganesh m
  5. How to apply radial load

    Dear All, how can i impose load in radial direction as shown below regards, Ganesh m
  6. Surface normal orientation

    Sure, I'll go through it and Update you on same.
  7. Intersections

    Dear Mayur, As per the design standards, there are two cases of the material conditions, 1. maximum material condition /(using higher tolerances)/(intersection and penetration occur) 2. minimum material condition/(using lower tolerances)/(gap) At what material condition you want to simulate your model is important. To eliminate initial penetration and intersection, you have to simulate it with minimum material condition (with gap) otherwise you can go to tools menu and auto correct it, but its not good practice to do. you must do it manually. wherever there is an intersection, please re-mesh that area and check assembly whether components are places properly or not, if not correct it. or do it in Radioss, with type 24 and allow initial penetration. Regards, Ganesh M
  8. Dear All, I have one shaft of dia 35mm and Hole of 35 mm with -/+ tolerences and interference is of 42 microns. how can I capture the deformation of hole and shaft in nano-scale. how to select element size for this simulation. Regards, GANESH M
  9. Error ID 268 and Error ID 760 Please help me with these errors.

    Dear George, I cant share model Coz of confidentiality. can you just help me with contact type 24, there are some flags in contact type 24. model contains ball bearing and friction between balls and races is 0.08. what other parameters should i choose. I have gone through element quality, property, materials, but I have doubt in contact. regards, Ganesh
  10. Dear All, Please help me out with mentioned errors.
  11. How to restart a run?

    Dear Arun, use same anology in acusolve. Dear all, correct if i'm wrong. regards, Ganesh m.
  12. How to restart a run?

    Hey Arun, copy your file x_0001.rad file rename it to x_0002.rad replace /1/ by /2/ and save it as mentioned in figure below. after that open radioss and call that file with 0002.rad and run the simulation please see this image regards, Ganesh M.
  13. ** Error ID 54 - Error in Input format

    Hi George, Still it is showing same error.
  14. failure analysis of hyper elastic material

    Thanks George