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  1. Ganesh Munge

    Contact analysis

    These are in contact, Outer ring of bearing is press fitted into the housing with the above mentioned interference value. as per physics, housing should expand and outer ring should contact. here outer ring is getting contracted and creating gap between housing and outer ring as i showed above in Image 2. my question is why it is showing gap?, outer ring should touch housing inner surface.
  2. Ganesh Munge

    Contact analysis

    geometry is with tolerances, these parts are in interference fit (image1) of 80 microns, I used clearence of -0.090. but after completion of simulation it is showing gap like in image 2
  3. Ganesh Munge

    Contact analysis

    If I have interference, What should i use clearance or search distance?
  4. Ganesh Munge

    Contact analysis

    Dear @Prakash Pagadala, @Nachiket Kadu Suppose case 1: I have an interference of 80 microns in shaft and housing and case 2: if i have gap of 80 micron bet same. how can i define frictional contact contact between above cases. can you revert with when to define search distance and when to define clearance. also, how to choose track
  5. Ganesh Munge

    Contact analysis

    Dear Nachiket, Thanks for support, Issue was of equivalence. I forgot to do the same. Now it is sorted out.
  6. Ganesh Munge

    Contact analysis

    Dear All, how can i resolve this error.?
  7. Ganesh Munge

    Fatigue Analysis

    Dear All, Can we do assembly level fatigue analysis? I want to do Fatigue analysis of bearing assembly. If yes, Please provide the sample tutorial of fatigue analysis at assembly level.
  8. Ganesh Munge

    Hoop stress prediction

    Dear @Prakash Pagadala Should I need to impose my constraints and loading in same co-ordinate system?? or should i keep same?
  9. Ganesh Munge

    Hoop stress prediction

    Is there any stress conversion matrix for cylindrical to Cartesian coordinate system???
  10. Ganesh Munge

    Hoop stress prediction

    Dear All, Attached is the image of model setup for Radioss. 1. pressing plate 2.outer ring of bearing 3. inner ring of bearing 4. housing 5. cage 6. roller Aim id to find hoop stresses on housing inner surface. process is pressing the bearing in to housing and then applying radial load to inner ring. I solved it with correct physics behavior. but having difficulty to find hoops stress on the housing. Also, want to save time for the analysis. Will implicit analysis helps to save time?
  11. Ganesh Munge

    Tonnage calculations

    Dear Prakash, As you see in the image attached above, I have punch, blank and rubber supported on steel plate. I dont have die. how can I model the setup.
  12. Ganesh Munge

    Tonnage calculations

    Thanks, prakash. I'll go through the mentioned tutorial.
  13. Ganesh Munge

    Tonnage calculations

    Dear All, I want to find tonnage required to form the product as follows. Is it possible in Hyper form or should i go for Radioss?
  14. Ganesh Munge

    element deformation contour plot visulazation

    Dear All, i'm doing pressing analysis, as said above, i ramp up the load at 0.3 sec. used Isolid24. but still simulation showing weired behaviour
  15. Ganesh Munge


    will Isolid=14 suits for tetra elements?