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  1. Single Point Incremental forming

    Thank you for the tutorial and hints George, I have been through all of them, they were good for learning Hyperform. However, I couldn't find any content about continuous path, I still have no clue how to create the circular path of the tool and the setup for this analysis, which is different from the step forming one. What I was thinking is to go for User Defined forming and with IMPDISP insert a tool path. But I don't know if I should insert coordinate points or if there is a way to input an equation with time dependency. Which is the best way to do it? Thank you for the attention.
  2. Single Point Incremental forming

    Thank you for the reply. Hum, ok, these are on the Hyperform platform. I didn't get to it because I was fixed on Hypermesh with the Radioss profile. Is it much better to use Hyperform? It seems that the hypermesh platform has more possibilities, don't know... But as I said, I am new to these kind of analysis. So sorry for the foolish questions.
  3. Single Point Incremental forming

    Hello all, I am working on a SPIF simulation (sometihing like the image below), but I am still struggling on some basics concepts from RADIOSS, since I am new to it. Do you guys suggest any tutorial or reading for learning this? It has been a bit difficult to find tutorials in this direction. The main points I have difficult are regarding the creation of the tool path and also the set up of the Adaptive meshing refinement. I went through the help ADMESH info, but still I don't know which parameters to use and so on. Thanks for considering this.