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  1. Apart from that I wish to know what could be posssible failure shear strain values, that could be given in MAT 28 law.
  2. Hello George, thanks for your advise and correction. I have corrected it. I was following the tutorial which you also mentioned . Although during the run, it shows no error however in results there is no movement of the top surface plate. Could you please tell me , what mistake I have done? Thanks in advance. With Regards Abhinav HC_.hm HC__0000.out
  3. Hello George, I have to model the honeycomb structure and an impactor to find out the energy absorbed. Unfortunately I am getting an error 156. I saw in one of your posts that this error occur due to the material curves. Could you check my model, if it is okay. I dont have all the values required by material card 28 like in direction 11 & 22 , and G12. WOuld it be possible to run the simulation without these curves. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks. With Regards Abhinav honeycomb_solid_model_simu.hm
  4. Hello George, thanks for your correction. I see that you have put rigid walls on all the sides of the cube. I wished to have the reaction force on the bottom of the cube. Slo if I remove the other rigid wall and leave it just at bottom with outblock corresponding to rigid wall, would it give the results required? Apart from that I wish to ask why you made rigid walls on all the sides of the block? any particular reason for that? <elements move together?> Regards Abhinav
  5. One more question even If I do it with face skin on top surface , shouldnt it function? If I am not mistaken I wouldnt be needing contact definition as well since the face is generated out of solid model. I tried with face skin as well but getting 1 error about kinematic condition.
  6. Hello George, I did exactly the way you said. However I am having intersection errror, which I am not able to fix. Could you check it once Please. I have used automatic fixing tool, and then tried manually. Thanks. With Regards Abhinav Solid_Model_rigidwall_trial.hm
  7. Hello George, I had defined rigid bodies during solid modeling which resulted in -99.9% error. When I removed it the model did function but the values are way beyond expected. I thought of putting a skin at top and bottom and with rigid definition on these surfaces and a cross section at the bottom, I can get the requierd force vs displacemnt. but somehow the simulation is not running. It shows an error but cant see which error is it. The Model checker says everything to be fine.# Could you please help me out. I would appreciate it. In attachment you will find the file. With Regards Abhinav Solid_Model_skin_trial.hm
  8. Secondly are there any solid modelöed crushing tutorials avaliable, which I can look at?
  9. Hello George, I am trying to do solid modeling in order to compare the results which I have got through shell modeling of the sandwich core with an imposed velocity of 1mm/sec. Somehow I am not getting any displacements in the solid and the error % is coming as 99%. Could you please help me out in explaining what I am doing wrong in the solid modeling and the boundary conditions. Please find the file attached herewith. Thanks in advance. With Regards Abhinav solid_MOdel1.hm
  10. Abhinav

    Force vs Displacement Curve

    Sorry, got the solution for excel sheet. But the force vs displacement diagramm requires clarification. Thanks in advance. With Regards Abhinav
  11. Abhinav

    Force vs Displacement Curve

    When i transfer through export, why are the values being showed in one column of excel sheet? is it normal?
  12. Abhinav

    Force vs Displacement Curve

    Hello George, Thanks for your eply. The error with the values is still persisting. I had choosen displacemnt vs time curve as x axis and force vs time as y axis.. It still shows me lower values for the force. When i do it dispalcement vs force with displacemnt as y axis and force as x axis. It plots the correct values for the force.
  13. I checkd displacement vs Force plot as well, with that i get the correct values. SO something to do with the scale factor X*Y->X
  14. i used cross plot for force vs time and displacement vs time. Why is the force value so low in force vs displacement compared to force vs time? shouldnt it stay same? Could you please clarify it to me? Thanks. Regards Abhinav
  15. Hello George, Thanks for your reply. How to export the force vs time values to excel? since i want to try in excel as well to create force vs displacement and then to create stress vs strain plot. I tried doing through export option in hypergraph but getting the eroor mentioned above for force vs time plot.. Looking forward to your inputs. Thanks in advance again. Regards Abhinav