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  1. Hello I solve it, I just unistall the solvers and downloawd and install it all again. Now I have problems with the lisence when I'm tring to run it. I have the Student License, I have to register the Token or something like these? Thank you,
  2. License Error while Radioss Run

    Hello. I have the same error Did you solve it?? Thank you
  3. Hi @George P Johnson Thank you but I can't open the file. One I have created the file ****_0000.rad, whant can I do to run it?
  4. Hello @George P Johnson Thank you but If I do that it just thake out the Imput File for the solver, don't made the analysis.
  5. Hi @Praniket, Thank you for the response! I do that to prepare the model. Then I can take out the Output File. My question is: What I have to do to run the simulation? Thank you!
  6. Hello from Spain! I'm tring to run a study with radioss. I had installed all from the student version and I can generate the output file without problems. I think I downoaded all but Radios is not in the student pack (maybe I did it wrong) and I cannot run these output file. Where I can find the solver to install it?? Thank you! Bea
  7. Hello, Please, can you tell me where can I find these Analysis page? I use to run directly a .txt from Hypermesh to the solver. Thank you