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  1. steel rope

    Is it possilbe to create a preload on a CROD Element with the pretension manager? I tried that on my model. It works fine but I´m not sure if the result is correct because normaly pretension manager is used for bolts. Maybe you can tell me if that is a good alternative to CGAP elements?
  2. steel rope

    Hello, I have a problem. In my current model I have two stell ropes. At the moment they are both defined as PROD elements. The disadvantage is, that PROD elements can take Pressure forces. In reality steel ropes are not able to tape pressure forces. Both steel ropes have a preload set to 100 N. Is there any possibility to solve that problem in optistruct? Tanks for helping!
  3. Excel Displacment and VonMises

    ok, i got it!
  4. Excel Displacment and VonMises

    Hello, I have a made an linear static strength analysis. The Model has all in all 103 components with 9 different loadsteps. Now I want to create an excel which shows the displacement and vonMises of each components in all 9 loadsteps. Is that possible? And if yes how? Thanks for helping!
  5. Excel Displacment and VonMises

    ok, thanks i can´t select adavanced in hyperview

    Hello everbody, in the following picture you see 3 examples of a spring (CBUSH). The only difference is, that the node in the middle (were the force is) has different coordinates in each example. I don´t understand why the Results are so different. In example one (on top of the picture) the result is nearly 0 In example two ( in the middle of the picture) the node is -1 in y-coordinate and the difference is huge!! There the max displcement in Y is -3306 I have absolut no explanation for that. Thanks for helping

    Awesomme! That looks good Is it possible to send me that model?

    okay thanks. But when i increase the force and lower the K1 factor the displacement is still nearly 0 ..but why? Can you tell me how to define the elemet x-axis? I have never done that before. Maybe you can send me a little example? Thanks for helping!!

    But your result is not making sense or? You have the highest displacement at the constrainsts. But the force is in the middle, between the springs. And even inthe middle the displacment is 1,9*10^-9 in the girst example. Thats nearly 0 ..

    Do you know what the problem could be?

    .fem file: example_3.fem example2.fem exmple_1.fem

    Here are the three examples, shown in the picture Example_1.hm Example_2.hm Example_3.hm
  13. steel rope

    or do you have a modell/example were the use of a gap as a steel cable comes clear? Maybe you can send it to me. That would really help me! Thank you
  14. steel rope

    thanks for your reply But how do i set the correct property to the CGap element? I have created a card image: PGAP ..but I am not sure whats the meaning of the different options you can set. As you can see in the image bellow. I just want a steel cable, with a preload of 1000 N. The steel cable material is steel and has a diameter of 3.141 mm. As in reality the steel cable should not take pressure forces. I have also send you a small file, were i tried to play with the different options in the propertys. Thanks for helping! steel_rope.hm
  15. Master and Salve freeze contact

    Hello, i have a modell with 103 components and around 150 groups with the contact freeze. Main material is aluminum and cfk ..and also there are many different loads steps. How important is the korrekt contact between master and slave? For example 1: FREEZE contact between two aluminum components. can i choose randomly between master and slave? example 2: FREEZE contact between aluminum and cfk components. Which one as to be the master and the slave? Thanks for helping!
  16. Excel chart after meshing

    Hello, i am writting my bachelor thesis about a bicycle with 103 components. I have finished meshing it. Now i want to write something about all the paramter i used for the meshing. Is there a function in hypermesh to give out a excel with all the paramters that were used? something like an chart with all the 103 components, the element size, the number of elements and nodes for the different components? Thanks for helping!